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Happy New Year Everyone!! By way of nature, we have passed one year. Another came to us with new hope and expectations. New year brings us new promises and new opportunities. With the beginning of  new year, Its time for making our resolutions. Each year I make few resolution and aim to execute those resolutions. For 2017 I’ve made several wishes/ resolutions.

  1. Continue career development.
  2. Complete all degree requirment of ICMAB and ICAEW.
  3. Re-develop the reading habit. Complete reading all the books bought in 2016. Read at least 20 books in 2017.
  4. Make some investment and make additional source of earnings.
  5. Travel at least 3 districts and 3 countries.
  6. Learn driving.
  7. Do something big!
  8. Decrease body weight to 70 kg.
  9. Maintain relationships with friends, family members, relatives, colleagues and other nearest and dearest one while increasing professional and personal network.
  10. Try to be a practicing Muslim and Read the Holy Quran at least.

Similar to the previous year, theme of this year resolution is career progression, building network and remaining healthy.

So have your made your new year resolution? what’s your new year resolution? share with me in the comment section below.


Happy New Year People!!! So 2016 is already here!  Hope you are having a great time. As usual I am here with New Year resolution for the year 2016. Each year I make few resolution and aim to execute those resolutions. Alhamulillah! By the grace of Almighty, I manage to fulfill most of my resolutions. In Sha Allah! My new resolutions will be fulfilled too. So my resolutions for 2016 are:

  1. Remain fun-loving person and maintain honest life.
  2. Do or learn something new (driving may be?).
  3. Focus on career development.
  4. Complete MBA and CIMA. Also increase success rate in CMA.
  5. Get admitted in CISA and ICAEW.
  6. Start actually saving for rainy days.
  7. Reconnect with friends, family and loved ones.
  8. Try to be a practicing Muslim.
  9. Maintain work-life balance, have some tour and enjoy holidays.
  10. Drop some weight and take good care of health. Don’t want to end 2016 in sickness.

Unlike other year resolutions, this year resolutions are more focused and precise. I felt abstract resolutions are hard to measure. Main theme of these resolutions are career progress, future security and maintaining a healthy and peaceful file.

I hope you have made your own New Year resolutions. If you have not, it is high time you should make some and try to act accordingly.

Call me superstitious but I believe odd years are great for me. From my experience I have witnessed that all great things happened to me was during the odd years. For example, I moved to Dhaka in 2003 when my success story actually started. I passed my High school and enrolled in college in 2005, Passed college in 2007, completed my graduation on 2011, Completed first level of CA in 2013, Again in 2013, I completed 400 marks in CMA. I got admitted in MBA is 2013. Also the greatest thing ever happened to me was when I was born. That too was in an odd year. I met with my soul mate in odd year. So you see, odd years favors me most. I’m not saying even years are bad for me. I’m saying I don’t have any significant even in even years. Only great memory I have in even years is in 2008 where me and my friends went to tour for the first time.

2014 as an even year didn’t bring me any memorable memory. I don’t even realized 2014 is already over. It was a year without any achievement. Only good thing happened to me this year is that I passed  3 subject in CA. Other than that 2014 was a busy year. I have been auditing the whole year. Went though lots of stress and tension. Had to review about future paths over and over again but realized I have nothing to do until July 2015. So I kept quiet and pushed the tension and stress aside. I don’t have time to deal with that now. It was a year of regret. I missed every tours my friends went. I missed several get together and party held by friends. I missed family parties and programs.

Life is going fast. I can’t believe another year have passed just in a blink of eye. As 2015 have come, my heart is filled with hope. As an odd year, I expect to enjoy some favor. Nevertheless, I am sure there will be a turning point in my life during this year. Each year I make several new year resolutions. This year I make only two: 1) To live happily with my closest one. 2) to be a better man than I was in earlier years.

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