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So that was the last match of the group Stage for Bangladesh. And now it was also the match of ICC World Cup for Bangladesh. Even after winning 3 of 6 matches, Bangladesh team couldn’t make it to the quarter-final.  Team was standing on two equations for that. First victory of West Indies against England and second, Bangladesh’s victory over South Africa. From the beginning we all knew Bangladesh will not satisfy the 2nd equation. So we all depended on the first equation. But unfortunately West Indies failed us after raising our hopes. They were so close to the victory but at the last moment they collapsed.

As the first equation didn’t work out, we had to depend on the second equation and that is Bangladesh’s victory over South Africa. And again unfortunately Bangladesh lost. They didn’t just lost, they lost with greatest shame. They scored only 78 for all wickets utilizing 28 overs.

As because Bangladesh is out, I have lost interest on the World Cup.  I was so excited and I really hoped and prayed that our team will go to the quarter-final stage.  And now all those excitements are gone. I am sure there are many people like me. Everyone is disappointed because of the poor performance. People are so ashamed they don’t want to wear the cricket team’s jersey anymore.  I am not that much sporty person. But yet I bought Bangladesh team’s jersey to show my support.  But now like many people, I might not wear this jersey ever again. It is really ironic that in our own country, we feel shame to wear the jersey and show our support to the national team.

After shameful 58 & 78, in future, people will not expect much from this team. But the fact is that it is the only cricket team we got. This is the team that represents our country. So, no matter what happens, we have to support out team. And we will continue to do it. We have to remember that we are still growing. we already have achieved some achievements. I hope cricket board will take right initiatives to better in next time. Till then we hope for the best and enjoy the rest of the matches.



Today is the last day of mighty February (by the time I’ll finish this post, the day will be already over). You might think why I called February “Mighty”. International Mother Language day was this month but it is not the reason. I called it mighty because so many important or interesting things happened to me through out this month.

Let me start with field trip with YES! . It was my last field trip with YES! and any kind of tours under the banner of North South University. That means  I have finished one part of my university life have already. 😦 [more about the field trip will be in future post]

Then it was the month of break! we got about 5 day break in the middle of the month. This break was blessings for me because I was literally stressed out with quizzes and assignments. Talking about the break reminds me occasion of the break. It was for the Inauguration ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in Bangladesh, inauguration match of World cup and the  language martyr day[also the  International Mother Language day].

As I was saying, inauguration ceremony was held in Dhaka. It was because Bangladesh is one of the co-hosts of this world cup.  This is the first time Bangladesh is hosting World Cup. Now, I had an opportunity to watch and be a part of history of Bangladesh cricket. I couldn’t go to the first math but I went to watch Bangladesh vs Ireland match. I saw how Bangladesh team beat the Ireland team and started the winning round. It was very exciting match  and I enjoyed every moments of it.

I have started writing small poems in this months. It’s not new for me but I actually never shared them with others. But this time I am writing it on Facebook Note and sharing it with others.

The most important thing happened was my friend Sifat’s farewell party. On 26th we old friends got together had a party before Sifat leaves the country.  And I also missed last the opportunity to stay over at Sifat’s place. I wanted to stay but I didn’t have the option to stay. Anyway, It was a great party. We sure will miss Sifat. I think I already started to miss him…:(

There are few other things happened this month…like I threw a surprise party on my sister’s birthday, I missed any quiz for the first time in NSU life.

Also, for the first time, I had more than 200 visitor in this month. It is the highest number of viewers of my blog in a particular area. Last month it was 187.

In February, so many things happened for the first time or for the last time. So I have nothing to call it except “Mighty February”.

So this is the second part of my blog.  If you missed first part click here to read it.

I had no plan to take MKT 337 in this semester. But when I saw IJS ma’am is taking the course, I couldn’t help myself. I influenced Turza to take the course with me and latter Raihan joined us. my performance in this course is not satisfactory but I’m very much happy to do our projcet. For the projcet We formed the group with Anika, Mishu & Zabid whom Turza knew earlier. Though the group was almost divided into two and need some integration, it was a great group. We did our first project on Apollo Hispital, Dhaka. And second project on Daily Kaler Kantho. In out first project, we were required to analyze three marketing communication tool of Apollo hospital. It was mostly done by Anika and her friends. And in the second project we were required to analyze the current IMC tool and suggest new IMC tool for Daily Kaler Kantho. We also needed to make a TVC for it. This is the projcet I liked very much. We all worked hard for the paper and the TVC. Anika generated idea for TVC and we did little editing in it. But we were having problem with finding Model. Again Anika came to the rescue. She called 3 of her friends and used them as model. Also we used Turza and Mishu as model. Our TVC wasn’t a video but was a slide show of pictures. At first Anika made the TVC with Powerpoint and it was good. but I thought it would be better if we can convert it in a video. So after little bit of modification of Anika’s concept, I made a video slide show using windows movie maker. Raihan and Mishu helped me providing necessary files. And  finally we made our TVC for Daily Kaler Kantho. I’ve posted the TVC at the bottom of this blog. Making TVC was exciting, but it was even more exciting when I found that everyone in the class liked it.

Now let me talk about my last course Operation Management. I didn’t get my desired faculty in my advising. All sections of good reputed faculties are filled up. All sections for which faculty is not announced yet is empty except one. I noticed that 25 of 35 student have already enrolled in that section. Prottoy and I was doing advising together.  We decided to take that section thinking that may be one reputed faculty will take that section. Also I know Mobashra was taking the same section. Abid’s advising time slot was after me. So I informed him about that section and told him to take it. Latter in that night I came to know that Sazid, Amin, Tuhin and Rabbi also took that course. I was happy because I got some good  friends in that section. For this reason I didn’t change  the section in re-advising but I was worried about the faculty.

In the very first day of OM class, I found out that I know almost 90% if the students. Sadia, Tonni, Antar, Amin and others. Sorry can’t recall everyone’s name…:( Anyway, we all was waiting for the faculty. And finally he showed up. At first I thought he was a student like us. He was very young and a new faculty in NSU. He introduced himself to the class.  His name was Ishfaque Hossain and his initial was IqH. He did his undergrad and grad. in USA. But one the interesting thing came out when students were introducing themselves. Whenever a student names his school from dhaka, IqH sir told that he use to be a student of that school too. Then he explained that he studied in almost all reputed school in Dhaka apart from VNS&C, Holy Cross and other girls schools 😛 😛 .He also told use that he completed one semester in NSU too. From the vary first class I believed that he is a legendary person. And through out the whole semester I found it’s true.

Most of the time, when he was giving lecture, he use to give us example from his personal life in USA. It would start with “When I was in Huston…” or “When I was in Texas….”. Apart from his examples, his lecture was boring as hell. Most of the time I saw students are not concentrating to his lectures. To pass the boring time in class, Mobashra, Sazid & I used to do offline chatting in my note-book. I forgot to mention that This was my third course with Mobashra. Also it was second course that Sazid, Mobashra & I did together. We did eco134 together with AAR who is another legendary faculty. but that was totally different story…

So, in every class we came to know more about legendary IqH sir. Also we came to know his father and his priority banking in SCB. But after the night Argentina lost to Germany, we came to know about the greatest fact of IqH sir. He the name of 5-6 celebrity from whom he took autograph and picture. Unfortunately I can recall the names. But most of them were from football star and rest were movie star. I was thinking if he would show those pictures to us. But he didn’t. May be forgot. 😛

Classes with IqH sir was great (except his lectures). One problem was that be couldn’t make us understand the maths. or our brains wasn’t accelerated enough to capture his lectures. While the semester was almost finished he told us to do presentation. I can bet that OM presentation is life time experience to everyone. Apart from first 1 or 2 hour, I was present in whole presentation time. It took him more than 8 hours to complete the presentation. (see my blog about presentation here ).

Through out the whole semester we had wonderful experience with IqH sir. But final was the best. Specially the syllabus. He gave us notes for 3 chapters as the syllabus. And the total pages of notes ware 3 and a half. He gave MCQ from the notes and 5 of 6 maths from those 3 chapters. This is the easiest syllabus for final exam I’ve ever seen.  And most importantly we got our grade for OM course on the vary next day. Sir did it because he was leaving Bangladesh in 3 days. He was going to Canada. He told me that he is going to do his PHD but others says he is going to see someone from Pakistan.

I don’t know what are you thinking about him. May be a bad teacher, may be a good teacher. But believe me, you can’t judge him unless you take a course with him. But one thing is sure. He is the most easy-going faculty I’ve ever seen. Also he made our semester easy. But unfortunately we were the last batch of his students. With the end of Summer’10 semester, he also ended his teaching career. But He made us proud when he told us that we are the best students he taught. I’m sure all of his students will miss him. or at least remember him…

I don’t know if the semester was legendary for you but surely it was for me. Thanks for reading the whole blog. And As promised I’ve added the TVC that we made for MKT 337 projcet. Let me know how do you like it. 🙂

I’m not that a football freak. I mean I love playing football but I’m not mad for football. I don’t see International football matches and club footballs leagues. I don’t keep news about football leagues.  But sometime I just want to know what’s happening in leagues. For that I don’t have to go any sites, news papers or magazines. I simply go to some of my friends. They are so much in love with football. They never misses any matches or news about football. So when I go to them about updates, I get all of it with analysis. 🙂

Now FIFA World Cup 2010 is going on. They say it is the ” greatest show on earth”. Whole world is shaking in football fever and people are so excited about it. I think people in Bangladesh are more excited than people of any country who are playing in World Cup. They are putting flags in almost everywhere. I never saw people placed that much flag of our own country.  People are getting violent and come out with procession if there is a power cut while their favorite team is playing. Those who are not excited for football gets excited in World Cup. I’m one of them. Others’ excitement touched and made me excited.

I’m supporting Argentina and Spain for this world cup. Except one, all my best friends supports Argentina. By winning first 2 matches, Argentina ensured that they are going to 2nd round. So the third match became just a formalities for them. Though the match was important because if Argentina wins the match they will be the group champion.  So my friend Murad made a plan that we best friends will watch the 3rd match together.  So after class Sifat & I went to Murad’s home. Though Abid was with us but he left us for some reason. Later Leu joined us. Till the match begin, we had some usual  fun. By the time match was started, I was felling sleepy. But I couldn’t sleep because of the match and my friends. They kept me awake every moment. When Argentina scored first goal, we all cried in excitement and i couldn’t feel the sleepiness anymore. We were so into the match that we forgot that murad’s parents were sleeping very next room. We kept making noise till Argentina won by 2-0 goal. And Greece played well too. They tried their level best to win the match. If they could win the match, they would become the group runners-up and get the ticket to 2nd round. But they are out of the tournament as they stood 3rd in the group.

As they match ended, Murad proposed to play monopoly as we did in our tour to Sylhet. On our last night of Sylhet tour, we played monopoly whole night and didn’t sleep till noon when we were traveling back to Dhaka by train. So we agreed to play monopoly and our friend Sifat made some rule to end the game quickly. But it appeared that his rules weren’t effective because the game lasted tilll 7 o’ clock in the morning. Game was actually unfinished. With Leu & Sifat’s mutually agreed to finish the game and consider it as draw.

Nothing important happened after that. We slept for a while and left Murad’s place at 10 o’ clock. by 1:30 pm was at home. After having my launch, I went for sleeping. I woke up at 7pm and went to sleep at 11. I woke up again  at 8 am. That means for not having 7 hour sleep, I slept 16 hours and missed 2 world cup matches. Murad called me last night and told me that he was feeling the same way as I was. That night was really awesome. It could have been batter if Abid was with us.


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