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I was searching on Google for an Image of 1000 Taka note. I was planning to post the image in Facebook and tag all my friends as symbolic Eid Salami. I indeed found the image. I hardly doubt Google can’t find anything. After clicking on the first search result, Google took me to a website called “The International Bank Note Society”.

I never heard of this society but the website claims that it was founded on 1961. Objectives of this society are to promote, stimulate, and advance the study and knowledge of worldwide banknotes and paper currencies.I found the site interesting. So I kept exploring the site. I saw their ‘Hall of Flame‘ members with their contributions. Members of IBNS are basically collectors and those who have interest on paper notes. Also this society publishes journal on paper notes on a regular basis.

Few moments later I found that every year this society elects a bank note as “note of the year”. It uploads the image of winning bank note with other nominated bank notes. Then I moved to the notice section only to find that someone lost a good number of bank notes from his collection. A link was there to show the image of lost notes. I followed the link and reached in a Facebook Album.  Lots of bank note image were there. I started to see one by one. As i was going through the images, I was getting more and more interested. All the images have different  colors, size and design. Most of the notes includes a photo of that country’s leader. Among the notes there were some rare notes.

Though it took me a while to watch each image, i become thrilled. I remembered that once I had the hobby of collecting coins of different country. Though my coin collection was very small but I had some 70/80 years old coin and coins from different countries. But unfortunately I lots them all. But watching the bank notes, I fell in love with bank notes. So from now on, I will collect different bank notes from different country. It’s my new hobby. Only problem of his hobby is that it is expensive.

by the way, if you want to know more about the bank note society, you can always visit the International Bank Note Society.


I am not much of a reader. I like to write but I don’t like to read. Sometime I don’t read what I wrote earlier. But I couldn’t help myself reading this blog named the simple country life. I was wondering around in freshly released to get some topic to write about and ended up reading that blog. I liked its theme and way it organized. I like the concept of ‘county man’ and ‘country man’s wife’ part. There are lots of picture about country life and its beauty. I recommend you to visit the blog. This blog showed me the I life wanted.

This blog made me nostalgic. It reminded me about country life I used to lead. I lived first 12 years of my life in my native village. And thanks to that, I experienced & learned lots of thing about country life. I learned about farming, raising cattle, and making own garden. I could go fishing whenever I wanted. It was easy and peaceful life.

Time has changed. Now I live in a concrete jungle instead of a natural one. I miss my old days. But after getting habituated with city life, it might be hard for me to get along with country life. A trip of one or two weeks might seem interesting but more than that will not be interesting anymore.

Today is the first anniversary of this blog site. Though I am blogging for almost 3.5 years , it has been only a year since I have created this site. I had one other blog before this site. But for some reason WordPress suspended that site. But I started over blogging with this site. I’m feeling really great. I want to share few facts and statistics of last one year.

Date of the site Creation: July 1,2010.

First Blog published on: July 2, 2010

Name of the First Blog: Restarted!

Most Blog in one month: July, 2010 (11 without republished blogs).

Total Number of Category: 8

Total Visitor (last one month): 2120

Highest visitor in one month: 374 ( May, 2011)

Highest visitor in one week: 261 (15th week, 2011)

Highest visitor in one day: 135 (April 15, 2011)

Total number of post : 85

Number of mobile posts: 4

Total number of tags: 472

Total number of comments: 53

Highest number of referrals: 219 (Facebook)

Hottest search term (through search engines): kal boishakhi (24 hits)

Most visited post: Happy Bangla New Year 1418 ! (শুভ বাংলা নববর্ষ ১৪১৮!) (124 hits)

Most visited page: Home page (682 hits)

I don’t know whether these stats & numbers are impressive or not but I’m impressed. Last one year I got some positive feedback about my blog site & posts. It greatly reinforced me to keep blogging. I’m thankful to my friends who greatly supported & motivated me through their comments or verbal appreciations.  Even though I didn’t write a single post in last month but I hope to write regularly from now on. Please pray for me that I can keep blogging.

Please stay in touch and keep commenting…..Thank You!


Traffic Jam

a view of Traffic Jam


By nature Bangladeshis are patient and non-violent. This is a common sentence when you analyze the characteristics of Bangladeshis. I too agree that Bangladeshis are patient but not sure about non-violent.

In Bangladesh we have lots of problem. It’s a poor country, it has population problem, almost every sector of this country is corrupted. I can go more and more. But all these problems are old. Load shedding and traffic jam added new dimension to our problems.

Load shedding in my area was unbearable last few days. Each day load shedding was present in our life  from morning to late night after each  hour. I couldn’t even use my PC when it was needed. :S well, load shedding is already a well established problem. It already made our life hell. There is nothing new to say about it. So lets move on to the next problem.

From my perception, at this time the most critical problem in Dhaka is Traffic jam. Traffic jam in Dhaka is already well-known. But in recent time it has reached a supreme level. Well it happened in past too. To solve this problem, govt. build the flyovers and link roads. But the same problem raised again.

While going to the university, I witnessed largest traffic jam in this year. luckily was on the other side of the road. but luck is always remains the same. very next days I got stuck at traffic. I was stuck there for about two hours. and I was late for my class. Traffic got twisted like English Tongue Twisters.  Even though I started for the class one and half hour earlier, I was 30 min late.

I was in Bus when I was stuck in the traffic. One my co-passenger said “well God must be taking test of our patience.” Another said “no, our govt. is taking test of our patience. They have no headache because they never faces traffic jam.” That moment I realized we Bangladeshis are really patient. We don’t do anything when we are irritated. We don’t go violent. We just sit and say “All is well….All is well”. We face unbearable load shedding, we face painful traffic, we face water & gas crisis but yet we don’t say anything. Well I think that because we are not united. Even if some people come united and protest, our govt. does not care. Because they are Bangladeshi and so they are patient too. So there is no way to we can make our govt. understand what we people are going through in our everyday life at Dhaka.

After being irritated I started to write the post. Now I don’t know what I actually said. I totally lost track. Sorry about that. 🙂


Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Wishing Happy Birthday to my friend Sazid Raihan


Today was my Friend Sazid’s birthday. So before writing anything else, let me wish him once again (as I already did it twice :P)  . Happy Birthday my friend!!!

We celebrated his birthday at Banani KFC . Well we means me, Zaman, Tihan, mahmud & his friend Fahad & Minhaj. Although Mobashra joined with us but she had to left for her problem. Also Tihan’s girlfriend Rakhi was there for a while.  It was a great party. It’s not possible to write everything here. Just know there was lots of fun, lots of photo sessions and also a little discussion on meshed potato.

There is good news. While in the party, our Nerd guru Anwar Zaman have developed a theory on birthday. I can’t resist myself from giving it here.  Zaman’s original theory on Birthday says –

“In the Birthday of great people there will be heavy rain,heavy storm will occur,all this thing happen because in this day sky lost it most valuable star.” [theory first published on : Zaman’s Facebook Status, September 28, 2010.]

Very much thankful to Sazid for the party and the great fun time I had. Also thankful for giving Zaman the opportunity to develop a great theory.

N.B. I enjoyed the moments with Mobashra while we were looking for the possible gifts for Sazid. She really have good choices. One thing I’ve learned is that I’m very bad at selecting birthday gifts. 😦

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