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Ring! ring!! Ring! ring!! Ring! ring!!

my cell phone was ringing constantly. I was chatting with someone in Yahoo! messenger. I looked at my cellphone and saw an unknown number is calling me. But I knew who was calling me. It was the person I was chatting with. We never talked over phone before. I was not sure about how to address the person. But still I picked up the phone.

* Hello!

– why have  you picked up my missed call?

a female voice was talking from the other side of the phone. I could understand that she became annoyed because I picked up the phone.

* huh? that was a missed call?

– what else?

* Sorry! it was ringing constantly. I thought it was a regular call and so I picked it up. But you really should learn how to give a missed call.

– That’s my problem. Sometime I just dial number and forget I was calling someone.

* Seriously?

– Yap! and I’m hanging up now. Btw, this is my cell phone number.

* Ok! got it.

That was Rinky. We met at a summit. we were part of 200 delegates. We talked only once. Then we found each other on the Facebook group of the summit. I added her and soon we started to exchange messages.  Pretty soon we moved to yahoo messenger. And then finally we started talking over phone. Conversation above was our first conversation over phone. And till date, we have not passed a single day without talking with each other. I loved this small but interesting conversation. It didn’t took us long to realize that we both are madly in love with each other. On April 04, 2011 we expressed our mutual feelings. That was another interesting story.

On January 1, 2012 we meet for the first time after our relation. It was almost 10 months. We were eagerly waiting for a right moment to come and then it came. It was like a dreamy day. Since then we have met several times but not as frequently as couples do. Why? Because our relation is a long distance relation and we live in two cities which are approximately 120 miles apart.

People says that long distance relationship doesn’t work. But we are doing just fine. Of Course we had gone through many difficult times but we never missed our hope to be together. And so we have successfully passed 2 years of our relation. Today we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary. I hope our relation will continue forever and our love for each other will be deeper and stronger. Pray for us.


Today is the first anniversary of this blog site. Though I am blogging for almost 3.5 years , it has been only a year since I have created this site. I had one other blog before this site. But for some reason WordPress suspended that site. But I started over blogging with this site. I’m feeling really great. I want to share few facts and statistics of last one year.

Date of the site Creation: July 1,2010.

First Blog published on: July 2, 2010

Name of the First Blog: Restarted!

Most Blog in one month: July, 2010 (11 without republished blogs).

Total Number of Category: 8

Total Visitor (last one month): 2120

Highest visitor in one month: 374 ( May, 2011)

Highest visitor in one week: 261 (15th week, 2011)

Highest visitor in one day: 135 (April 15, 2011)

Total number of post : 85

Number of mobile posts: 4

Total number of tags: 472

Total number of comments: 53

Highest number of referrals: 219 (Facebook)

Hottest search term (through search engines): kal boishakhi (24 hits)

Most visited post: Happy Bangla New Year 1418 ! (শুভ বাংলা নববর্ষ ১৪১৮!) (124 hits)

Most visited page: Home page (682 hits)

I don’t know whether these stats & numbers are impressive or not but I’m impressed. Last one year I got some positive feedback about my blog site & posts. It greatly reinforced me to keep blogging. I’m thankful to my friends who greatly supported & motivated me through their comments or verbal appreciations.  Even though I didn’t write a single post in last month but I hope to write regularly from now on. Please pray for me that I can keep blogging.

Please stay in touch and keep commenting…..Thank You!

Robot Joe

Image by FlySi via Flickr

I’ve figured out that most of my weekdays have almost similar patterns. One pattern for MW days, and another for ST days. So I’ve tried documenting them. Here I’ve finished documenting MW days activity.

Phrase 1
6:15 am —— [Detected power signal] = (alarm sound)
6:20 am —— [Establishing power connection] = (2nd alarm sound)
6:25 am —— [Received request to power up] = (3rd & final alarm)
6:27 am —— [Analyzing & repairing available data] = (brushing teeth, washing face)
6:35 am —— [Removing unnecessary files] = (you know what I mean…:P)
6:40 am —— [Getting ready to use] = (dressing up and packing bag)
6:50 am —— [Collecting necessary resources] = (taking food, money)
7:00 am —— [Ready to use] = (ready to leave)

Phrase 2
7:10 am —— [Preparing to move components] = (starting for NSU)
7:30 am —— [Components moving started] = (getting in Vehicles)
8:55 am —— [Components moving finished] = (reached NSU)
8:56 am —— [Idle] = (roam around, sit in club room)

Phrase 3
9:25 am —— [Running program Environment] = (going to class room)
9:40 am —— [Program loaded] = (class started)
11:10 am —— [Program hanged] = (class finished)
11:20 am —— [Program restarted] = (2nd class started)
12:50 pm —— [program paused] = (class finished)
1:00 pm —— [recovering from serious damage] = (take lunch)
1:20 pm —– [Disk De-fragment] = (library)
1:50 pm —– [Memory Clean up] = (hanging out with friends)
2:15 pm—— [idle] = (roaming around, going to club room)
2:35 pm—— [program loading started] = (arriving at class room)
2:40 pm—— [Program loaded] = (class started)
2: 45 pm—— [application error: continuing anyway] = (boring class)
3:50 pm—— [Program Crashed] = (class finished)

Phrase 4
4:15 pm —— [Preparing to move components] = (starting for home)
4:40 pm —— [Components moving started] = (getting in Vehicles)
6:10 pm —— [Components moving finished] = (reached home)
6:15 pm —— [Refreshing system] = (freshening up)
6: 35 pm —— [Collecting resources] = (take tea)

Phrase 5
7:00 pm —— [Data loading, analyzing and storing to primary memory] = (study for quiz & assignment)
8:00 pm —— [System Noise] = (load shedding)
9:00 pm —— [Accessing public network] = (Facebook, Twitter & Live)
10:25 pm —– [Public network disconnected] = (break)
10:30 pm —– [Collecting resources] = (have dinner)
10:50 pm —— [Reestablishing public network connection] = (back online)
11:45 pm —— [Public network disconnected] = (going offline)
12:00 am —— [Request to shut down] = (Feeling sleepy)
12:05 am —– [preparing to shut down] = (making bed)
12: 08 am —– [Removing unnecessary files] =(you know what I mean 😀 )
12: 13 am —– [Shutting down the system] = (going to sleep)
12:15 am —— [System shut down] = ( ZzZzZz…….. )

I’m pretty much sure that throughout the whole semester every students wish for the semester break.  I saw “oh yeah! break at last” ,”Finally it’s over” type status from most of my friends’ in Facebook. First two or three days is enjoyable. But latter most of us start to get bored. We try to pass the boring time somehow. I’ve suggested 15 things to do during semester break. This blog is for those persons who find nothing to do during the semester break.

1. Get Some Sleep:

It’s time to get some sleep. I’m sure that you had some sleepless nights during the semester. I saw some of my friends putting status of how many hours they didn’t sleep.  Even I didn’t sleep consecutive 72 hours last semester. If same thing happened to you then you must get some sleep during this break. Take some rest before you start enjoying the vacation.

2. Do Party:

If you couldn’t do party during the semester break for the pressure of midterm exam, quiz, assignments, projects and presentations, this is the best time for it. After a successful (or unsuccessful) semester, you must do some party to cheer up yourself. Call your friends and throw a party. Or you can influence other friends to through party (if you want to avoid cleaning up the mess  :P).

3. Go Out Of Town

Best option to enjoy the vacation is going on a trip. Call your friends, make a plan for a trip and then go out of town. Enjoy as much as you can. You can even plan go out of the country too. If friends are not interested or you are not interested to go with them, you can always go on trip with your family members.

4. Hang Around

If you don’t have the option to go on a trip, then try to hang around with friends. I’m sure they won’t disappoint you as they will be bored too :). Hang around with friends, see your surroundings, get familiar with the city you live in.

5. Watch Movie

For me, watching movie is the best way to pass time. Collect, buy or download the latest movies, movies that you didn’t see or the movies that other refereed you to watch. Also you can go to movie with friends.

6. Play Games

If you are a gamer, then it’s a best time for you to play games.  I’m sure you couldn’t do it properly during the semester. Of course, those who are gamers  start playing almost instantly the semester ends. Even if you are not a gamer you can play some games on your computer, PS2/3 or XBox.

7. Read

You can read those books which remained unread. Look for the new books in shop. Also you can read classic novels, poems, dramas etc.  By reading, you can learn your own culture and foreign culture.

8. Write

I think this is the best thing to do in semester break. Have you ever thought of writing stories? what about poems or a novel? This is your time to show your creativity. One of my followers in Twitter writes a lot of poems. She has a blog and publishes all her poems in there. Also she writes stories in her another blog. Click here to have a look. You can give it a try. Also you can create your own blog and write in it. Well, that’s what I’m doing.. 😛

9. Learn

Learning is another way to utilize your semester break. Learn to use new software. Learn how to work on Photoshop and Illustrator, learn how to do programming. You can learn anything you want. It can be photography or even how to play guitar. Your learning will pay-off someday. 🙂

10. Do Research

Well At present I’m a small research on Big Bang theory. You can do it too. If you have interest on something, you can do a research about it. Internet will help you to do the research.

11. Practice Your Religion

Whatever religion you believe, it sure says that there is a GOD. During the semester, may be you were too busy with do religious activity. Well now you are free. Say your prayer to GOD and practice your religious belief. It will bring peace to you and your soul.

12. Clean Up The Mess

It’s time for clean up the mess you made throughout the semester. Clean up your room, table and wardrobe.

13. Attend Outdoor Games

If you have the opportunity, attend some outdoor games. Go for soccer or cricket or whatever outdoor games you prefer. You know the benefits of outdoor games. I don’t want to talk about that here. 😛

14. Do Some Experiment

Do some experiment on whatever you like. I’ll suggest experiment on cooking. One of teacher said that cooking is the best art. Somewhere I read that cooking basically permutation and combination of 3 things; 1) Roasting 2) Boiling and 3) Frying. Don’t know if its true but you can make some permutation and combination of these things to experiment.

15. Analyze and Plan

When the vacation is almost over, sit for analyze and plan. Analyze how your last semester was, what ware your mistakes and what you needed to do. And plan for upcoming semester. Plan to take the new challenge of new semester. If there is no new semester, I men you have completed all the semesters required, than plan for future. Where to go? How to go? etc.

A suggestion:

Make a bucket-list during the semester and point out the things you want to do or need to do but can’t do in the middle of semester. After the semester, start doing those activities one by one. It will help you to utilize and also to enjoy your break.

Those who are bored with semester break and can’t find anything to do, this post is for them. I know that our semester break is almost over ( time to get busy with advising). I should have posted it earlier so it might come handy to you. But still we have some time left. You utilize that time. 🙂

Current government of  Bangladesh came into power with the motto of Digital Bangladesh. The set vision 2020 to complete the motto. Well, that’s a good thing to say. But in reality what they are doing? They are not setting up any new facility for achieving the goal that the government set. They lied to us. They don’t care about digital Bangladesh. I think, they don’t even know what digital actually means. How can I say this? We know digital is actually form of two binary digit. Those two digit is  0 & 1. o represents the absence of electricity & 1 represents the presence of electricity. When any data or information is represented these two binary digits it becomes digital.

So you see the basic thing of Digital is electricity, But what we see in our country? Yeah lots of load shedding.  Most of the time in summer, we don’t get the chance to start the computer.  Other time we face the load shedding several times. We are not the free from load shedding at the night. We face load shedding  even when we sleep at night.  Last 1.5 years they  did almost nothing to improve the devastating situation of electricity. Though they re-opened some closed power station. Now they have invested for new power station. My question is why now? Why they don’t do it from six months earlier when they knows there will be a huge demand for electricity six moths later. Because they do this just to allure us. It takes nearly 6 months or more to establish a new power plant. By the this time we forget about the electricity condition as the summer passes and demand for electricity goes down.

Now lets come to digital Bangladesh again. How can any country become digitalized  when there is a restriction on the use of websites. Bangladesh Government banned YouTube just after they came to power. Now they have banned Facebook. Why? they say they tried to ban the 2 account and the links of 2 pages. As they couldn’t ban those links they banned the whole facebook in the country.  If they can’t remove this simple job then how will make digital Bangladesh? Are they thinking only increasing the use of computer will make digital Bangladesh? If they are then they are wrong.Only use of computer doesn’t means things are getting digitalized. Computer just helps to process the information and make it easy to access from anywhere. If you really want to go digital than increase the use of information technology, Increase the way for information flow. You are trying to make digital Bangladesh because you want to make information available for Bangladeshis and all other people of the world. If you don’t open the way of information flow then that is the meaning of digital Bangladesh.

In other country presidents & prime ministers are connected with people with websites like twitter and others. And ours? no they don’t want to be in touch with the common people. They lives in so high that common people can’t reach them. We can’t even inform that they are doing wrong thing. They believe they are supposed to be stay out of touch. Because they are the leaders. But they don’t know if you want to lead a nation, first you have to know your fellow people. You have to know where they want to go. Leaders job is to lead the nation to reach that goal. In our case, it is totally different. Our leaders has their own dream and we, the common people, are trying hard to fulfilling their dream, not our dream. And by the way, our leaders dream is not about us. It’s about their own desire, their own prosperity.

After banning Facebook, government said media is enjoying freedom. Huh! what a joke. They banned the use of websites, Banned the TV channel (channel 1), Banned the daily newspaper (Daily Amar desh). Someone from the government said government is trying to ban some other TV channels & newspapers. If the government is putting a restriction on medias than how  they wants the information to flow to people?

Talking about digital Bangladesh, Most of the government organization & ministry doesn’t have the website. And which  organization & ministry has the website, they doesn’t updates it. All full of backdated information. Again  license of some website & domain name were expired government doesn’t have slightest idea. One of teacher told me that when he was in USA and visited the website of Bangladeshi embassy, he found a porn site in that address. He was surprised and later he came to know that license of domain of that website was expired and some pornographer bought that domain. what a shame. People all around the world went to Bangladeshi embassy & watches porn. :S

Some says even a die-hard lair often speaks truth. If it is really true than may be the government have the intention to make Digital Bangladesh.  If they really have that intention then they need to set up guideline and policy. Because no one can achieve something new if they don’t have guideline & policy to achieve the goal. They can take the help of experts & young generation. Because no one understands information technology better  than young generation.

Every government organization of our country is victim of corruption.  Great initiatives often fails due to this corruption. The vision of Digital Bangladesh can go in vain if the government doesn’t take proper initiative to stop this corruption. To do that higher authorities like ministers, Members of Parliament and other top officers of government has to stop corruption. If they stops, then their subordinated will stop corruption. But I guess they don’t want to stop corruption. That’s why our country still standing in the same positions where other countries are developing themselves. That’s why fate of our country is not changing.  We, the common people, are dreamer. We dream of a developed country.  We believe that our leaders will take us to that dream. But what we see is a lie, what we hear is a lie.  We run after the illusion. Illusion of a developed country, A good society & a nice place to live in.

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