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It has been a while since I wrote something. I may have played lazy but that is not entirely my fault. I got busy with my life and a busy man needs his rest. I know my resting period was too long. But what can I do? I am a lazy man after all. ūüėõ

Talking about life, I returned to university for one more semester. Although I was supposed to finish my Bachelor on December, I extended it up to April. I have taken a single course in this semester and the course is about taxation. There are some reasons for extending this semester which will I tell later. Apart from the university, I am also got admitted in CMA under ICMAB. Thus life became busy.

After I finished my intern, I took some time for myself. Moreover I needed some time to complete my intern report and submit it. It took 2 weeks to submit my report. After the submission, I asked myself what to do next. More I asked, more I got confused.

I was offered a job where I did my intern. But I refused the for several reason. I will share the reasons in another blog. But one of the reasons was to join in a Chartered Accountant firm as I wanted to be an CA. I submitted my CV to some CA firms earlier. So I was waiting for their call.  Then I found one of my friend got admitted in CMA. Although I knew about it but I never considered it as an option. I did research on CA & CMA. Then I found that syllabus of both professional degrees are almost same and somewhat similar to my courses in my bachelor.  So at the end of December, I too got admitted in CMA.

While doing research on those degrees, I found that both degree contains a course on Taxation. In my bachelor I was also offered the course. However I didn’t took it. So I decided to do the course in order to understand the basics of taxation hoping that it will come in handy in future. Then I extended one more semester of my bachelor just for this taxation course. There was another reason and that was to push my CGPA little higher so that I can touch 3.50 in scale of 4.00.

After my class started at North South University, I discovered two more plus point for extending one semester. First, I got the opportunity to use the big library of my university to study CMA materials. Second, I could promote SPSS Assistant to other fellow students who are doing intern in this semester or will do in next. SPSS Assistant is a join initiative of my friend Reaz Haq and mine. Through SPSS Assistant we offer professional help in SPSS Analysis and interpretation of intern report, marketing research or any other kind of statistical research.

I got too confused after my intern. But I overcome all the confusions and took a strong decision. No matter how confused we are or how troubled we are,¬† We will overcome everything with time. And as long as we are alive, our life will go on…..



If you are a university student, what do you think your relationship status will be at the end of the university life? If you already graduated from university, what was your relationship status for that time frame? I made a theory that assumes there could be 18 types of relationship status during your university life. See if you can find yours among these 18 types. But before going to details let me explain how my theory works.

Suppose the time you are/were a student of university is a blue lined box. And mark yourself as red arrow while you are going /went through that blue lined box. Also put a different color arrow(s) for your partner(s) in that box depending on the relationship status. PUFF!! you get your relationship diagram. And now I think I should tell you the underlying assumptions of my theory.

Assumption 1: You are/were not married while you are/were student of university.
Assumption 2:
you dated only one partner at a time.
Assumption 3:¬†you didn’t dated your university teacher.

If you don’t fulfill the requirement of the assumptions, you will not find¬† your relationship diagram in 18 diagrams given below. And now let me explain the 18 cases for you so that you can find your diagram.

If you face any problem understanding the diagrams, please see the explanation below.

Case 1: You were/are single throughout the university life.

Case 2: You entered with your partner and remained with him/her and you both graduate together.

Case 3: You got admitted in one university and your partner got in another. But you two remained together and finished your university life together.

Case 4: You admitted with your partner but in the middle you guys broke up. And you remained single for rest of the university life.

Case 5: You were single when you got admitted but you got your partner during your university time and graduate with him/her.

Case 6: You and your partner got admitted in different university and in the middle of university life you broke up. Rest of the university life you stay single.

Case 7: You were single when you got admitted. But at the first semester you got your girl friend. you remained with him/her through out the university period but broke up at the time of graduation.

Case 8: You and your partner entered in the university together and broke up at some point. Then you get a new partner and graduate with him/her.

Case 9: You were single at the beginning. then you met someone outside of your university and fall in love. You continue the relation even after your graduation.

Case 10: You get admitted and graduate as single but throughout the university life you EXPLORED and continuously changed your partner.

Case 11: You begin as single but then you changed your partner several times. Before you graduate you finally find THE ONE for you and graduate with him/her.

Case 12:¬†You entered with one partner but due to study pressure or some other reason you couldn’t give time to each other and eventually broke up. Later you got a new partner from outside of the university and continue the relation.

Case 13: You were single for the whole university period except for one or two semester.

Case 14: You and your partner got admitted in different university and broke up in the middle. then you get new partner from your university and graduate.

Case 15: You enter and exit as single but in the middle you had a relation for one or two years.

Case 16: Together you and your partner got admitted in university. At some point of university life you guys get married and when you graduate, you may already have kid(s).

Case 17: You were single at the beginning. Then your parents forced you (or in your own wish) to get married with someone from your university. And you might have kid(s) by the time you graduate.

Case 18: Same as previous one. Your parents forced you (or in your own wish) to get married with someone outside of university. And you might have kid(s) by the time you graduate.

I assume by this time you have found your relationship frame. Now match which case are you from the following 18 possible types of relation format in university time frame.

Today was the second day of summer 2011 semester. Now I’m done with first classes of my 5 courses (though 2 of the classes were cancelled). I’m not sorry for those cancelled classes. Because I’m already happy as the semester have started.

This semester is the last semester before I go for intern. As far as I know students don’t have to study much as intern is more of practical learning. Of course students needs to write an intern report but I guess it is not that hard. So that means after I finish this semester, I’ll be free from all exams, quizzes, projects & assignments. Ultimately I’ll be free from significant part of study requirement. In other words, I don’t have to study after the semester.

This semester will end of my last 4 year’s pain. This semester will end the stress, pressure in NSU. This semester will take me to the end of the 4 year journey with NSU.¬† So the beginning of the semester means beginning of the end…:D I waited last 10 semesters for this moments and at last it came. I’m filled with thrill, happiness & excitement.. ūüėÄ

For the first time in my NSU life, I’m confused about taking courses. I have only few courses left. By summer semester I’ll finish all these courses. It’s ironic that I didn’t face this problem in last 9 semesters but facing this problem when I have only couple of semester left.

Two semester earlier I had planned out which courses to take in which semester for my remaining semesters. Everything went according to the plan till the last semester. But this semester I’m facing hard time is selecting courses. Sections I select are either full, have odd class time or time clashes with other section. Because I have only few courses left, I don’t have much of option. Earlier I made some combinations with easy courses and hard courses for each semester. but this semester I can have either all easy courses or all hard courses. So far I took MKT412, MGT489, SOC101 & BUS401. The section of SOC101 need to be changed. And I’m confused about selecting courses between BUS401 or MKT470. If I take mkt470, I’ll complete my marketing major. If I take BUS401, I’ll complete all the core courses. Again if I take BUS401, all the courses I have to take in next semester will have big projects.

Re-advising is the only solution for my problem. So I went to get re-advised today. But unfortunately it solved only half of my problem. Looks like I have to go for re-advising once again. But before that I have to fix which courses I will take this semester. ūüė¶


Once again advising time have come. Although it sounds like simple thing but in fact it consists info collecting, planning and then finally selecting the courses. You see, it seems like full of excitement but actually it is full of anxiety.

Last few hours I was busy in asking others about the courses they are planning to take and answering their questions about the courses I’m taking. In the early period this was our process of selecting courses. But now looks like it have become our habit. Even though we know our courses won’t match, we keep asking others the same question again and again. Almost similar thing happens after the advising. Only difference is we ask about what courses others took and with which faculty. We keep asking and answering these questions till the middle of semester.

If you have read my earlier posts in this blog, then you may already know why we, NSUers,are always tensed about advising. In case you don’t know, let me explain it to you. Let say I’m planning to take 4 courses and I have 7 courses as options before you enter in the advising room. And when you get out of the advising room, you have only 2 courses. It’s because all sections have filled up or new sections clashes with other courses. So when you have only two courses, you have to go for re-advising. This is the most painful part of advising process.

So when we say advising time has come, in fact means re-advising time have come. And re-advising time means fun time is over. Congrats to those who have done with advising and good luck to others who are yet to do advising like I do.

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