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I have completed 16 years of academic education in November 2011 as I finished my undergrad from North South University (NSU). With this 16 years of schooling I have earned a good academic qualification. But my Student status did not changed. Now I am a student of both Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) & Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB), two recognized accounting body of Bangladesh. After achieving good academic qualification, now I aiming to achieve professional qualification. In our current job market setting, no one can prosper unless one has some professional qualification. By professional degree I did not mean professional experience. Experience is one thing and qualification is another. While achieving the qualification you will become experienced.  Anyway, as a process of achieving professional qualification, I am aiming to achieve two respected professional degree , CA & CMA, simultaneously.

One might say that it is difficult to achieve these two degrees simultaneously. Of-course it is difficult but it is not impossible. I am mainly focusing on CA and trying to complete CMA as both covers interrelated topics.

I appeared in any professional exam for the first time in August 2012 exam of CMA. I appeared in two exams (IFA & IT) of CMA Level 1. Earlier I have been exempted from appearing in all four exams of Foundation level. By the way, CMA have 5 levels including foundation level. Each level covers 4 subjects. After completing all the curses, a student have to undergo in internship. Including internship, CMA is an exam of 2100 marks. Anyway, I had quite an experience while appearing in the exams. They are different from academic exams. My exams were good even though I was not satisfied with IFA exam.

The result of August 2012 exam was published yesterday. I have passed in IT but failed in IFA. I  also noticed that only 3 student passed the IFA exam. I really felt bad as i failed in accounting for the first time. I have studied Accounting for last 9 years and yet I could not pass the exam. Later I did some calculation. I found out that I have already completed 500 marks out of 2100. B receiving exemption, I have completed 400 marks of foundation level and as I passed in one subject i passed another 100 marks. In total I  have completed 500 marks which is 24% of the total requirement of CMA degree. This cheered me up a bit. Moreover i felt good when I thought that I have been acknowledged by a professional body that I am good at IT.

Now I am preparing for December 2012 exam. I am planning to appear in remaining 3 exams level 1. Also I am preparing for the May-June 2012 exam of CA. Pray for me.



January 2012 to March 2012. Life was good during this 3 months. No office No work. Just go to university & ICMA for classes. That was nothing as it was only twice in a week. I could sleep whenever I wanted. I could wake up as much late as I wanted to be. Life was best.

But all good time has an end. For me it was March 31. On April 1st, one of my aunt ( paternal side) died. However, in the same date I got called twice. Once for an interview at trust bank and another was to join in A. Qasem & co which is a chartered accountant firm and affiliated with PwC. It was my deam to be an Chartered Accountant. So I joined in. And that is why my life got busy.

No, I am not telling that my life got busy because I joined in CA firm. There were several other things. You might know that I was attending an extra semester and North South University (NSU). As the semester was close to the end, pressure for studying was increasing. My result of first two mid term did not meet my expectation. Therefore I was studying hard for the final exam. Also I had to think about the quiz and the assignment for the course I was attending.

By now you might know that me & my friend Reaz run a joint-initiative under the name SPSS Assistant (Visit: Till march we had no client. However we faced the pick time during the semester, I was getting lots of calls from people asking for assistance and suggestion about SPSS. We took several request and working on them. At a certain point we crossed our limit. However we were still getting calls for assistance. This time people started pushing and requesting emotionally. So we had no other choice but to take some more requests. Till now we are working on them.

Our clients were putting us on tight schedule. We could hardly manage but yet we completed what we were requested for. We had to work till late night and start again in the morning untill it was time to go office.

I mentioned earlier that I joined in A. Qasem & Co. Chartered Accountants firm. It is a full time job. I have to be present from 9:30 in the morning to till 5:00 in the afternoon. By the time I reach home, it is already post evening. last few days of the month I had start working on SPSS assistant’s project when I got back at home. I had very few time for chitchat or for facebooking. I missing my usual life.

Today I am done with my final exam at north south university. Also I don’t have  pressure to work for spss assistant. Just tonight I got time for myself. Tonight I will sleep well. But from tomorrow life will be busy again. Although I won’t have work much for spss assistant during the days left in this month, I will remain busy. I will get back in my study. I have to make up for the lost days. I have to work for fulfilling my dream.

When I was getting ready for the university, I was thinking to wear Panjabi. But later I changed my mind. Didn’t understand that it was a mistake until I reached at the university. Almost every boy was wearing panjabi and almost every girl was wearing Sharees. With colorful dresses everyone was preparing to celebrate the arrival of spring.At first I was felling little bit odd but later I thought it is  my last chance to celebrate first Falgun (১লা ফাল্গুন) and there is no way I am gonna miss it.

Program started with a rally to celebrate the “First Falgun”. My teacher gave one hour time-off to the whole class so that we can participate in the rally but unfortunately I missed it. Then the real celebration started. In the first phrase there was few songs to welcome the spring. During that time everyone was singing and dancing. Then singing and dancing started for a while and that was the time for puppet show. Though I didn’t like the puppets but I liked the show. A mini fair was arranged in front of gallery. And I bought a cotton candy from there (because I didn’t find like anything else 😦 ).

Almost all of my friends had class or were dating during this time. So I didn’t see any of them and so festival was boring for me. It was boring until the second part. Second phrase of music started after an hour later. Everyone gathered in front of the gallery. People were enjoying by singing and dancing again. IJS ma’am and DAK ma’am made it even more enjoyable by singing songs.  Sazid, Mahmud and I were enjoying everything thing from the first row though Sazid was busy in taking photos. After the music segment, comedy show started. But  Sazid, Mahmud and I, all 3 of us, had class. So we had to leave for the class. I heard there were a concert at the evening. I thought to return in the celebration after the class. But I was so tired that I had to leave NSU for today. It was really exciting to watch students’ excitement.  Even though I missed my friends today but overall I had a great day. why should I miss the fun even if they weren’t there. Like it  is said “whether flower blooms or not, today is spring (ফুল ফুটুক আর নাই ফুটুক, আজ বসন্ত)”

Anyway, Tomorrow (by the time I finish it off, it will be today) is the 14th February. The Valentine’s day! Another day for love! It’s kinda sad for me because I have to celebrate it alone 😦 . But hey! I am sure you will celebrate it in right way. Don’t just limit the love for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Spread it among everyone. Love everyone!

Wishing you all Happy Valentine’s Day and a Happy Spring!!!



After a long vacation, today starts the new semester. Spring’11, the first semester of 2011.

Vacation was amazing. But it was long enough. Long enough to be bored for those who likes to be at NSU. Hope everyone have charged up for the upcoming pressure and stress. Wishing you all good luck for this semester.


I heard about “Battle of minds” in my very first semester in North South University. In that period I didn’t have slightest idea about it. But later I came to know more about it. “Battle of minds” is a competition for the graduating and fresh graduate students. It is organized by ‘British American Tobacco Bangladesh – BATB’. This competition is a process of recruiting fresh graduates and interns for BATB. So I was thinking to participate in BOM ever since. At the end of last month, I learned that registration for BOM has started and one of our faculty member have asked, NSUers those who have completed 80 credits and CGPA above 3, to drop CV to him.

I the opportunity to apply for it. But I didn’t want to apply alone. So I looked for a group. And the people I first thought of are my nerd friends: Mobashra Ather, Anwar Zaman, Sazid Raihan, Tihan Adnan. I asked them to join with me. Zaman wasn’t interested but others were. But later Sazid and Tihan planned to apply next year. So Mobashra & I dropped our CV. And few days later we got the invitation for grooming session.

Even though Mobashra got invitation, she didn’t want to join in the grooming session. I kept insisting and requesting her to join in.  In our Nerd Club, Sazid and Zaman also suggested her to join in. After a long discussion she agreed.

So today was our grooming session. Mobashra reached NSU before me and gave a bad news that participants of grooming session have been divided into several groups and assigned in different class rooms. I was little bit hurt when I found out that we two are assigned in separate rooms.

Session in Mobashra’s room started first. Galib sir conducted the session. Few minutes later he came to our room. Muneem Sir was with him. Galib sir explained why we were separated from others. he said we had either CGPA less than 3 or we didn’t complete 96 credit till summer ’10. Then he told us that BOM is for those who are in their last semester or 2nd last semester or graduated in last 3 months. None of us in my room met that criteria and so we can’t go to the next step. Then he explained why he asked students with 80 credits to apply. According to him, those who have applied have interest for BOM. And he wanted they to give some exposure to BOM, so that, we can prepare for next year Battle of Minds.In short, we were called to get some experience of BOM. I didn’t feel bad because I was enjoying it because I was getting the experience I wanted. On other hand, Mobashra had finished more that 96 credit and in her 2nd last semester. So she did qualify for this year BOM. .

In Both room, we were asked to form a small group of our own. Then all groups were given a case on Yahoo! ans asked to solve it with in two hours. We were asked to make a power point presentation which have to present after two hours.

People I knew from my room were Marufa, Kollol, Fayeed,  Rahim. I formed a group with Fayeed, Sifat and Rubaiyat. We passed next two hours reading the 23 page case, answering the questions asked at the end of case, discussing and making PowerPoint slides. I don’t know what Mobashra did in that time. But the two-time I went out of my room and peeped into her room, I found she is reading and working hard.

So after two hours we all reported to NAC507 for the presentation. There Mehedi sir and Bashir sir joined us. Galib sir gave use few instruction about BOM, online registration of BOM, roadshow and few other things. Then he asked all of us to go outside and wait for calls to present. And as Mobashra and people of her room are participating this year BOM, they were given priority to present. Fortunate for Mobashra that her group was called first to present. I know Mobashra hates presentation but looks like she did it well.  But still she was little (!) bit angry with me as I ruined her holiday.

I waited till 5 pm for my turn to present. but groups from other room weren’t done. In the mean time, I missed my make up class, a quiz and a class journal. So me and my group members decided to forfeit. As weren’t going this year BOM, there is no point of being tired and sacrificing energy. Though all of us really wanted to present, but can’t wait any further. So we left NSU. And later I came to know that some other teams have forfeited too.

On my way back, I figured that I had to sacrifice my classes for the grooming session. That was a small sacrifice but it won’t be small when I’ll participate in BOM. I’ll try for BOM next year only if  I find I’ve noting to sacrifice. I’ve sacrificed enough of my study for my clubs in NSU. I am not ready to sacrifice anymore at this stage. I found that I don’t have interest on BOM anymore. This is exactly how Mobashra felt earlier but I insisted her to participate. I apologize to Mobashra for insisting and making her to participate. Though I know she liked the grooming session and will do better if she participate in BOM. I’m done with my “Battle of Minds” adventure but I’m requesting Mobashra to apply for BOM. Hope she will consider It.

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