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Few month’s back I hacked a Gmail account and a Facebook account associated with it.  It was my first hacking. And the account I hacked was not in use. I belonged to a girl whom I don’t know at all. I believe it was never logged on after opening the account. I changed their passwords as other hackers does.  I set a password which I don’t use normally. I was very much excited about successfully hacking a account.

I was having a busy time during that time. So I couldn’t log on in the hacked account in few days. Soon I forgot about the hacked account. Today I remembered about hacked account. I tried to log in but I failed. I forgot the password I set. More importantly I forgot the mail address and account details of the hacked account. Then I realized I forgot how to hack the accounts. 😛 It’s damn funny. Looks like I’m a terrible hacker and my memory is getting weak day by day. 🙂 Anyway, I didn’t want to harm anybody and I believe no harm was done. As I mentioned earlier, the account was not in use. It rally doesn’t matter whether its password is changed or not. I am sure it’s true owner will not use the account ever.

At the end I declare that I’m not a professional or any kind of hacker. I hacked the account by chance. I don’t know how to hack and please don’t ask me to hack accounts for you. Also I declare that I don’t have any intention to be hacker or continue hacking activity. And I suggest you to undertake strong security measures for your Facebook and mail accounts.  Cheers!!!


Ring! ring!! Ring! ring!! Ring! ring!!

my cell phone was ringing constantly. I was chatting with someone in Yahoo! messenger. I looked at my cellphone and saw an unknown number is calling me. But I knew who was calling me. It was the person I was chatting with. We never talked over phone before. I was not sure about how to address the person. But still I picked up the phone.

* Hello!

– why have  you picked up my missed call?

a female voice was talking from the other side of the phone. I could understand that she became annoyed because I picked up the phone.

* huh? that was a missed call?

– what else?

* Sorry! it was ringing constantly. I thought it was a regular call and so I picked it up. But you really should learn how to give a missed call.

– That’s my problem. Sometime I just dial number and forget I was calling someone.

* Seriously?

– Yap! and I’m hanging up now. Btw, this is my cell phone number.

* Ok! got it.

That was Rinky. We met at a summit. we were part of 200 delegates. We talked only once. Then we found each other on the Facebook group of the summit. I added her and soon we started to exchange messages.  Pretty soon we moved to yahoo messenger. And then finally we started talking over phone. Conversation above was our first conversation over phone. And till date, we have not passed a single day without talking with each other. I loved this small but interesting conversation. It didn’t took us long to realize that we both are madly in love with each other. On April 04, 2011 we expressed our mutual feelings. That was another interesting story.

On January 1, 2012 we meet for the first time after our relation. It was almost 10 months. We were eagerly waiting for a right moment to come and then it came. It was like a dreamy day. Since then we have met several times but not as frequently as couples do. Why? Because our relation is a long distance relation and we live in two cities which are approximately 120 miles apart.

People says that long distance relationship doesn’t work. But we are doing just fine. Of Course we had gone through many difficult times but we never missed our hope to be together. And so we have successfully passed 2 years of our relation. Today we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary. I hope our relation will continue forever and our love for each other will be deeper and stronger. Pray for us.

ICMAB website has been hacked several month ago. However it is not restored yet. Therefore students of ICMAB are not getting any updates through online. December 2012 exams are knocking at the door. However, there are lots of students who do not have the routine as they are not getting any updates from the website. I was one of them. Then I found the soft copy of the routine in a Facebook group of ICMAB. Those who wants to get regular updates of ICMAB, I recommend you to join in the group.

Those who don’t have the exam routine, you can download it from the link Below:

Routine of December_2012 Examination

I was searching on Google for an Image of 1000 Taka note. I was planning to post the image in Facebook and tag all my friends as symbolic Eid Salami. I indeed found the image. I hardly doubt Google can’t find anything. After clicking on the first search result, Google took me to a website called “The International Bank Note Society”.

I never heard of this society but the website claims that it was founded on 1961. Objectives of this society are to promote, stimulate, and advance the study and knowledge of worldwide banknotes and paper currencies.I found the site interesting. So I kept exploring the site. I saw their ‘Hall of Flame‘ members with their contributions. Members of IBNS are basically collectors and those who have interest on paper notes. Also this society publishes journal on paper notes on a regular basis.

Few moments later I found that every year this society elects a bank note as “note of the year”. It uploads the image of winning bank note with other nominated bank notes. Then I moved to the notice section only to find that someone lost a good number of bank notes from his collection. A link was there to show the image of lost notes. I followed the link and reached in a Facebook Album.  Lots of bank note image were there. I started to see one by one. As i was going through the images, I was getting more and more interested. All the images have different  colors, size and design. Most of the notes includes a photo of that country’s leader. Among the notes there were some rare notes.

Though it took me a while to watch each image, i become thrilled. I remembered that once I had the hobby of collecting coins of different country. Though my coin collection was very small but I had some 70/80 years old coin and coins from different countries. But unfortunately I lots them all. But watching the bank notes, I fell in love with bank notes. So from now on, I will collect different bank notes from different country. It’s my new hobby. Only problem of his hobby is that it is expensive.

by the way, if you want to know more about the bank note society, you can always visit the International Bank Note Society.

It was Monday afternoon. I was at Agargaon and going to retrieve one of my friend’s laptop which was sent to service center. I was talking on phone and walking to BCS Computer City. When I was done with talking, I put it in my pocket. Suddenly I heard someone yelling “hey what did you put in your pocket”. The man was standing in front of me. He was wearing a lungi and a torn t-shirt. I wasn’t sure whether he was talking to me. A moment later he repeated the same words pointing at my pocket where I just put my cell phone.

I understood that the man was talking to me. I was surprised because why would anyone point at someone’s pocket and want to know what is inside the pocket. I was irritated and replied “what is inside my pocket that’s not your business”. I understood that the man was a hijacker. He kept insisting to show what is inside my pocket. I was furious. I started to walk and ignore him. He kept following me and yelling to stop. Then I saw some people are waiting at the street corner and trying to get on bus. I stopped when I was close enough to those people.

I turned back and yelled to the hijacker “what’s your problem?”. Still he was insisting me to show what’s inside my pocket. I brought out my cell phone from my pocket holding carefully so that he cannot take it and run away. I noticed that people who were waiting to get on bus watching us. One of them stepped in the scene and wanted to know what is going on. I told him what happened till then. That man then asked the hijacker why he was doing this. Hijacker replied that he lost his mobile phone and searching for it. Street walker and I become angry and said some harsh words. Street walker said the hijacker to get lost or else he will get bitten. Hearing this and understanding the situation, hijacker walked away.

I never been a victim of hijacking. Most of the people I know have been a victim of hijacking at least for once. So never being a victim of hijacking is a record to me. I was nearly becoming a victim. However, in the end, I was able to keep my record intact. Hope to keep it that way till the day I die….:D

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