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It was a winter morning back in 2003. Most probably it was November or December. I was waiting at the exam desk and taking mental preparation for the admission test at Dhaka Residential Model College (DRMC).  The weather was cold, my hands were frozen and I was shivering. Then suddenly I saw Sifat and that was the time when I first met him. Though I hardly think Sifat can remember that day. He was laughing with others, having fun before the exam. I wondered how can he not be tensed about the exam and how can he get along with others that easily. One thing I understood he is too friendly in nature and I wished if he were my friend. And I’m grateful to almighty that we became friends.

At DRMC, there were 37 or 38 students in our class. As time went out we all become family. I’m sure till now we were the naughtiest batch in DRMC history. But even in 38 family members, Murad and Samrat were my closest ones. we did things together,  always use to hang out after coaching.  These were the best moments of my life.  And at the class Sifat was one of the class clowns. I can recall so much things happened  with Sifat in class. I couldn’t understand when Sifat, Samrat & I became friends.

After we passed SSC exam our family of 38 members kept shrinking. And by the time we appeared for HSC exam, it became less than 10. That period Zobir, Abid, Shuvo & Ricky joined with us and we made our circle. After that this circle become my base. The base where I can share my feelings and emotions. Even though we had 7 members of our circle, Sifat was the center. We did lots of things together in circle. We had tours, parties, hangouts. night stays. Name any thing we did, Sifat was in each of those.  In fact he was the one made those things funny and enjoyable. His words, actions, thoughts are most common practiced in our circle.

And now he is leaving the country. We already started to miss him after we returned from Kuakata tour, knowing that he will not be with us in our next tours. We had his farewell party at his place at the beginning of this week. And last night we had a get together as we knew that he will leave in less that 24 hours. It was fun till the end. But when he embraced us and said goodbye, none of us could hold the tears.  I didn’t cry is last 8 to 10 years. I didn’t cry even when my grandparents died. I always were strong enough to hold it. but at that moment I couldn’t stop myself.

We didn’t want to say goodbye to sifat like that way. So tonight we went to Airport to see him off. This time we were strong enough to control our emotion. At 7 pm we said our farewell to Sifat and said our wishes.  After that we stayed at Airport railway station for two hours remembering our days with Sifat and fixing our next plans. One thing we became sure about and that Sifat’s absence will be filled with his memories, words and thoughts that we know and commonly practice in our circle.

I always loved you, Sifat. It’s not just because your home were near mine or we had similar interest on computer tech, it’s because you were a brother to me. I sure will miss you, Sifat. But as long as  every one of our circle is alive, you will always be with us. I don’t know when and in what place we will you again. But I wish that you do prosper. Hope to see you become successful. Best of luck, man! Just remember, You were always with us, are with us and will be with us.


[i was bit emotional while writing this post. so I apologize for any kind of mistakes and unnecessary words.]


It was decided that we eight friends, Murad, Sifat, Abid, Leu, Ricky,Yamin, Imran and I, are going on a tour at the end of December. After long discussion, we selected Kuakata as our destination of the tour. We were having trouble in setting the date for the tour. Later on we fixed the date but Ricky had to skip this tour because of his personal problem.

Our plan was to go Potuakhali first and then to Kuakata. We started for Kuakata at the afternoon of 31 December of 2010. Our launch, Sundarban-6, was supposed to start for potuakhali at 5:30pm  and reach at Potuakhali at 8 am of the following day. So we all got on board by 5 pm. Apart from Abid, Leu & I, this was the first launch journey for everyone. So the journey was full of excitement. Again, it was the new years eve. Of course we couldn’t celebrate the day like most of you but we celebrated in our own way. Also we enjoyed the winter night of the river. Though our launch was supposed to reach Potuakhali by 8 am but  we reached at 10 due to the deep fog. Then we went to Abid’s house, took some rest and then had our breakfast. Half an hour later we started for Kuakata by bus. After four hour journey, we reached at Kuakata at 3 pm. Then we checked in to “Jhinuk Dak Banglo” of Potuakhali Zila Porishodh. It took us nearly 24 hours to reach Kuakata from Dhaka.

Immediately after having lunch, we set out to see the beach. We passed the evening in the beach. During this time we made a deal with some boatmen to take us following day to the Fathrar Chor which is the starting point of Shundarban . During the night we roamed around the beach and looked for the restaurants.

Next day, after having breakfast we started for Fatrar chor.  It was really exciting to do a boat journey in the sea. It was even more exciting for Abid & me because we were actually controlling the boat.  Our boatman was just giving us direction. He worked as our guide.  It took us nearly half an hour to reach the fatrar chor. We spent around an hour in fatrar chor. It is really a nice place to visit. On our way back to the beach, we also got down in leburar chor.

When we returned to the beach, it was almost noon.  We got down little bit far from the main beach. There was no one around us. So we decided to  have some fun of our own at the beach and then take bath in the sea. Leu or someone else proposed to play football in the beach. We liked it so much that me sent Yamin and Imran to buy a plastic football. We played football about half an hour until our football was carried away by the tide. I swam after the ball but after few minutes I gave up. But, watching me swimming in the sea,  others also came forward.  We spent another half an hour in the sea and then headed back to the dak banglo. Rest of the day we stayed in our rooms. but at the night everyone except me went to the beach. In the mean time I slept like hell. I was so damn tired. Don’t know what they did afterward.

Following morning we hired 4 bikes to roam around the beach. We returned to our dak banglo at afternoon. In the mean time we visited the Buddha‘s temple, Gongamoti beach, Crab island and eco-park. We had a great time visiting those places. Also we had lots of photo sessions. I’m sure you guys have seen some of those in Facebook. After our lunch, we went to the Shutki polli (dryfish village).

When we returned to our room, we started talking about our return to Dhaka. None of us wanted to have another 24 hour journey. So after long discussion we planned to go Borishal first and then take bus. Of course launch was another option for us. But we couldn’t manage any cabin, so we had to choose the bus ride. It was 11:30pm when we reached Dhaka. And by 12am I was at my home.

After we returned to Dhaka, I started to miss the four days of our tour. It was the second time we had our own time. We were of out own and out of all sort of restrictions. This tour was totally different than our first tour at Sylhet. Apart from the 24 & 15 hours journey, we enjoyed every moments of the tour.  Sifat will leave the country in upcoming February. Don’t know when we will see him again. But we will sure miss him a lot. This tour to Kuakata will be our another great memory with Sifat. Moments that will help us to remember him.

[ To see more photos of Kuakata Tour please visit my flicker photostream ]


Yesterday I opened NSU NERD CLUB.  I can’t believe I actually did it. I was thinking to open this club for a very long time and finally I did it. Initial response was surprising. Got 7 nerd member instantly. Mobashra, one of the  innitial members, have created a history to be the first female nerd member of this club. If you want to know the reason why I opened this club, you have to know the history behind it.

From the very beginning of my NSU life, I was making new friends in every semester. This is because I wasn’t able to take courses with my friend. for some reasons. So, to survive in a friendless class and form study group, I had to make new friends. Through this process I made a good number of friends in NSU. Also this is how I met all my Nerdy friends.

The nerdiest friends I have right now are Anwar Zaman, Sazid Raihan, Tihan Adnan. I got the base idea to open the Nerd Club from these friends; especially from Zaman. Zaman comes up with lots of theories. I published his one of the latest theories in one of my earlier posts and he sued me (through Sazid) for doing so. Well, that’s not my point. Like Zaman, Sazid and Tihan had (well still they have) their own nerdy activity. We used to discuss about others activity and academic performance while we use to meet. This caused us to come close and make a great nerd circle. Then I got the idea of making a circle just for all NSU nerds. Among almost twelve thousand students of NSU there must be at least hundred nerd students. In order to establish a common nerd platform and nerd society, I wanted to open the nerd club.  And after having a little discussion with Zaman, I finally opened the NSU Nerd Club.

We have also come up with some Nerd Ranking. You know army’s have ranks which is required for them to maintain the hierarchy. So I thought why we don’t have our own Ranking. But this ranking is specially to show what level of nerd a person is. Higher levels of Nerds are eligible to apply for the club executive committee (EC) membership. At present Nerd Rank (NR) is only available to EC Members. But soon we will come up with criteria for each nerd rank. Then we can provide NR to all NC members.

At present Nerd Club is recruiting new members. You can suggest your nerd NSU friends to join the club. You don’t have to have a good CGPA to be a nerd and to join in the club. Though I’m the founder of the nerd club, I don’t have a good CGPA. Your nerdy attitude and behavior is enough to join in the club. For example, my friend Abid A. Minar had a bad CGPA but he acts like Encyclopedia Humanica. He answers all of the questions people asks him. So I made him a member of NC. Any kind of attributes of nerdness is enough to join in Nerd Club. Oh! I forgot to mention that ONLY NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY STUDENTS are allowed to be a member of NSUNC.

NSU Nerd Club (NC) is now an infant. Hope to see this club has gone far in upcoming future. Waiting for that moment…..

At last the mystery has been revealed. After 5 days of suspense, mystery has been revealed. Well the mystery is not that much serious.  no. it is serious. My performance for Production Management (MGT314) course depended on it.  OK, let me give you the full details.

I’ve taken this Production Management (MGT314) course with some of my friends. Till yesterday night, we didn’t know the name of the faculty for this course. In the name part it was shown TBA (To Be Announced (according to Abid, it is Taher Bin Ali) . Anyway, we were little bit anxious about who is going to be the faculty of our section. My friend Mobashra predicted that it was going to be Farzana Feroz (FF) Ma’am. And the reasons for her thinking was logical. And it was a little bit shocking for us because we certainly didn’t want her as our teacher.

So we were waiting for the mystery to reveal and today morning it happened. The the name of our faculty for MGT314 was IqH. I was wondering who was he/she.  I called some of my friends if someone knows him so that I could learn something about him. But nobody could help me because he was new. In fact this is the 2nd semester since he joined in NSU.

So went to NSU to attend our very first class of this semester. When we were waiting in MGT314 class to be started IqH sir came into the class room. oh by the way, he was 10 min earlier than the class time. 😛 And during the class time we got to know him. He is a cool guy. At least for the very first day of the semester. But I liked him. I liked him because the way he talks is very much friendly. But at the end of the class he broke my heart.

As I mentioned earlier, some of my friends are with me in MGT314 class. We were planning to form our own group. And I decided just after we are done with advising. But IqH sir told the class that students can’t form their own group. He will select random students to form group. That means we can’t make group with our friends. We have to make group with some other students. It was like a heartbreak for me. My dream with forming group with Mobashra, Sazid, Prottoy & Abid has been crashed.

I’m still positive about my dream group because the group forming time is still far away. By that time if I can convince IqH sir, I think I could form my desired group. So I’m still hopping for the best. 🙂

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