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Eid-ul-Fitr is knocking at the door. Just couple of days to go. People are leaving town for their native village through highways, railways and water ways. Bus stations & rail stations are crowded than ever. Launches and Steamers are full of passengers.

Journey right now is a great hassle. But yet people are ready to go through the hassle just to celebrate the Eid with friends, family and relatives. Eid is a day of joy. The day become more enjoyable when celebrated with family. It is great memory to go to the eid prayer wearing new dresses and holding father’s or son’s hand. Again it feels great to see happy faces around you.

But it is not the case for everyone. In every eid, at least one or two major accidents takes place.  Eid become a life time tragedy for the families who looses their members in those major mishaps. Even so people are still careless about the safety of their journey.

The rate of accidents have increased in last few weeks. Huge number of people have started to move out from the city before any safety measure is taken to stop accidents. Now self-awareness is the most important factor to ensure personal safety.

Many of my friends are moving out too. I’m requesting them and all other people to be careful in the journey and take safety measures if possible. I hope this eid will not turn into a tragedy for anyone. My friends, have a safe journey and enjoy the Eid with friends and family. I will see you after the eid. Till then stay well and take care. 🙂



Dear Mom,

I know I always has been a bad child. I don’t listen to you, don’t do what you want me to do. I disobeyed your every word. From the very moment of my birth, I got into your bone. I never gave you a chance to leave me alone for a minute. I kept crying until and unless you take care of me.

Mom, I always liked to prefer my way instead of your suggestion & advice. I always come home late without informing you. I keep you waiting for me with dinner until I come home. I hang out with friends instead of giving you some time.

Mom, do you remember forcing me to study? You wanted me to study hard. but what I used to do? I used to sleep. You wanted me to sleep in the afternoon for a while. But I always prefer to play in that time.  I like to stay awake till late night. And you keep yelling trying to send me to bed. Some time that works and some time doesn’t.

I make you irritated every moment when I’m at home. I never make my bed. You do that for me. I keep my room in total mess. You take your time to clean the mess. I keep poking you about different things even though I’m fully aware of it. Because I love to irritate you.

But even after that you take care of me. I saw you had sleepless night when I was in trouble. You try every possible way to pull me out of the trouble.  You manage father when I do something wrong. You spend sleepless night when I’m sick. You really care for a spoiled child like me.

Mom, I don’t know if you know how much I love you. I am grateful to you for having me. I am grateful to you for being my mom. Mom, I irritate you because i love to see someone care for me. I irritate you because that’s how I express my love for you. Unfortunately, you will not read this letter (because I won’t show you). Even I will not say I love you. Because, mom, I know you too can feel my love. And you know that my love for you is not just  for today. My love is for every moments of life. Thank you mom, thank you for everything….

Disobedient child


Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Wishing Happy Birthday to my friend Sazid Raihan


Today was my Friend Sazid’s birthday. So before writing anything else, let me wish him once again (as I already did it twice :P)  . Happy Birthday my friend!!!

We celebrated his birthday at Banani KFC . Well we means me, Zaman, Tihan, mahmud & his friend Fahad & Minhaj. Although Mobashra joined with us but she had to left for her problem. Also Tihan’s girlfriend Rakhi was there for a while.  It was a great party. It’s not possible to write everything here. Just know there was lots of fun, lots of photo sessions and also a little discussion on meshed potato.

There is good news. While in the party, our Nerd guru Anwar Zaman have developed a theory on birthday. I can’t resist myself from giving it here.  Zaman’s original theory on Birthday says –

“In the Birthday of great people there will be heavy rain,heavy storm will occur,all this thing happen because in this day sky lost it most valuable star.” [theory first published on : Zaman’s Facebook Status, September 28, 2010.]

Very much thankful to Sazid for the party and the great fun time I had. Also thankful for giving Zaman the opportunity to develop a great theory.

N.B. I enjoyed the moments with Mobashra while we were looking for the possible gifts for Sazid. She really have good choices. One thing I’ve learned is that I’m very bad at selecting birthday gifts. 😦

Patience is one of the great virtues. From the childhood we were taught to keep patience all the time. But it’s really hard to be patient all the time. If you want to know how patient you can be, then take the test I suggest. I think the biggest test for patience is teaching a kid. You may not believe me but let me tell you why I think it so.

I was teaching my 6 years old niece this evening. Her mother, my sister, was busy with younger niece and requested to take care of my elder niece’s study. Teaching someone is not new for me. But I’ve never taught any 5/6 years kid. I started with Bengali literature. She was required to learn a 4 line poem. I told her to read the poem several times. But it took her about 5 min to read the whole poem. It’s not because she can’t read. She can read but she didn’t have concentration. After reading a line she starts playing. And because I’m too friendly with her I couldn’t tell her anything. But i kept insisted her to study. Then suddenly she asked my why I’m disturbing her and mind on my own study. I was speechless. But I kept patient and told her to study. after 30 min. she said she was done with poem. Then I asked her to write is twice and she gave me an angry look.  I was surprised but yet enjoyed it. She wrote the poem twice and it took her more than 20 mins. After one and a half hour (from 7pm to 8:30 pm) I successfully taught her a 4 line poem. I was happy but she wasn’t. Her mom requested me to test me her word meaning.  I gave er 15 words to write their meanings. But she refused to write more than 10 word meanings. But it took nearly 30 mins to write 7 word meanings. No, she knew everything but she didn’t want to study anymore tonight. She kept breaking pencil nips, drinking waters and doing other stuffs. Then suddenly i lost patience. I went to her mom and said ” i quit. I can’t teach her.” I was happy because I don’t have to teach my niece but my niece was more happy. My niece loves to study with her mom because she listens everything my niece says. Looks like she has more patience than me.

So now I believe best way to test your patience is to teach a kid (if possible teaching my niece) . Also it’s the best way to achieve patience. If you guys want to test your patience or want to achieve patience, start teaching a 5/6 years old kid.

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