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It’s almost time. Count down time has come to the last hours. Now less than 24 hours remains before the largest cricket tournament starts. Tomorrow with the inauguration ceremony, Cricket World Cup will starts its one and half month-long journey.

This is the first time Bangladesh is hosting such a big event.  And Bangladesh is now ready for successfully host the event. BCB and Govt. upgraded  tje stadiums in Dhaka and Chittagong and decorated those two towns  wonderfully. I have seen few pictures of the stadiums and areas  around those stadiums. They look so nice that at first I didn’t believe it is in Bangladesh. But yet all the preparation is not perfect. There are some mismanagement. But I guess we can ignore those mismanagement because we are hosting such a big event for the first time. May be we will be perfect in next time.

Talking about mismanagement, Ticket distribution was the largest one. But still our people were patient enough to stand in queue for 2 days. This indicates how much excited we are for the world cup tournament.  And I guess we are so excited that we forgot to rise our national flag to show our support our national team.

During the FIFA world cup, entire Dhaka city dressed with  the flag of Brazil, Argentina, England and other countries. No one raised Bangladesh’s flag because Bangladesh didn’t play in FIFA World Cup. But what about now? Bangladesh in playing in ICC World Cup and it is hosting the tournament. So It should place even more flag that we did during FIFA world cup.

There is a logic for not placing and flag. That is flags placed during in FIFA world cup to show which team the person supports. There were different flags because people were supporting different nations. But this time everyone is supporting only one team and that is our national team. So people are thinking, I guess, “there is no point showing which team I am supporting”. But still we should raise flag and show our support to the national team. This is the least thing we can do and I’m sure this is not too late for that.



I’m not that a football freak. I mean I love playing football but I’m not mad for football. I don’t see International football matches and club footballs leagues. I don’t keep news about football leagues.  But sometime I just want to know what’s happening in leagues. For that I don’t have to go any sites, news papers or magazines. I simply go to some of my friends. They are so much in love with football. They never misses any matches or news about football. So when I go to them about updates, I get all of it with analysis. 🙂

Now FIFA World Cup 2010 is going on. They say it is the ” greatest show on earth”. Whole world is shaking in football fever and people are so excited about it. I think people in Bangladesh are more excited than people of any country who are playing in World Cup. They are putting flags in almost everywhere. I never saw people placed that much flag of our own country.  People are getting violent and come out with procession if there is a power cut while their favorite team is playing. Those who are not excited for football gets excited in World Cup. I’m one of them. Others’ excitement touched and made me excited.

I’m supporting Argentina and Spain for this world cup. Except one, all my best friends supports Argentina. By winning first 2 matches, Argentina ensured that they are going to 2nd round. So the third match became just a formalities for them. Though the match was important because if Argentina wins the match they will be the group champion.  So my friend Murad made a plan that we best friends will watch the 3rd match together.  So after class Sifat & I went to Murad’s home. Though Abid was with us but he left us for some reason. Later Leu joined us. Till the match begin, we had some usual  fun. By the time match was started, I was felling sleepy. But I couldn’t sleep because of the match and my friends. They kept me awake every moment. When Argentina scored first goal, we all cried in excitement and i couldn’t feel the sleepiness anymore. We were so into the match that we forgot that murad’s parents were sleeping very next room. We kept making noise till Argentina won by 2-0 goal. And Greece played well too. They tried their level best to win the match. If they could win the match, they would become the group runners-up and get the ticket to 2nd round. But they are out of the tournament as they stood 3rd in the group.

As they match ended, Murad proposed to play monopoly as we did in our tour to Sylhet. On our last night of Sylhet tour, we played monopoly whole night and didn’t sleep till noon when we were traveling back to Dhaka by train. So we agreed to play monopoly and our friend Sifat made some rule to end the game quickly. But it appeared that his rules weren’t effective because the game lasted tilll 7 o’ clock in the morning. Game was actually unfinished. With Leu & Sifat’s mutually agreed to finish the game and consider it as draw.

Nothing important happened after that. We slept for a while and left Murad’s place at 10 o’ clock. by 1:30 pm was at home. After having my launch, I went for sleeping. I woke up at 7pm and went to sleep at 11. I woke up again  at 8 am. That means for not having 7 hour sleep, I slept 16 hours and missed 2 world cup matches. Murad called me last night and told me that he was feeling the same way as I was. That night was really awesome. It could have been batter if Abid was with us.



Tonight is the big night. Tonight is the closing of month-long “greatest show on earth”. Tonight is the final of the FIFA World Cup 2010. Closing ceremony in now just few moment away.

Month long football show will end with the final match. Tonight the final match will give us a new champion. Champion of FIFA world cup 2010. Best two team of this world cup Spain and Netherlands will fight each other for their first world cup. Netherlands have the experience of playing final but spain is playing final for the very first time. Both of the team is on form. It’s really hard to predict who is going to win. On matter who wins, the match will be interesting. Because the winner will be the 8th county who have won the cup. 7 country won the last 18 world cup. Brazil 5 times, Italy 4 times, Germany 3 times, Argentina and Uruguay 2 times and England and France have won one time only. So the winner of the great tournament will have the honour to be the part of history as the new champion and winner of 19th world cup. So who is going to be the winner. Amazing predictor octopus paul have predicted that spain is going to be the winner. Another octopus paulin from Netherlands have predicted that it’s going to be Netherlands. A parrot from Singapore also thinks that Netherlands is going to be the owner. I think spain will be the winner. Who do you think will be the winner? Whom are you betting on tonight?


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