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So another year is gone. 2012 is joining in the page a history. It came with a buzz of dooms day. Mostly people will remember 2012 as a possible year of doomsday. Apart from that 2012 was a historic year for the world. US election, Financial crisis of Greece, London Olympics, Crisis in Gaza and many other important events. For my country, Bangladesh, 2012 memorable too. Many major events took place during the year but unfortunately very few of them are good for the country. But today I’m not writing anything about my country or about the world. Today I will write about my self and was 2012 for me. As an accountant, we have to prepare financial statements at the end of an accounting period. Tonight I set down for the year-end calculation of life.

2012 was a year of expectation, achievement and failure to me. I had so many expectations and targets for 2012. I was able to meet some of them and failed to do others. Through out the year, I experienced many things for the first time. Some of them are memorable for life time and others are ok. But now let me begin the year-end calculation of my life.


1) I was in a turning point of my life when 2012 started. I just finished my internship and was waiting for the grade. I was in so confused about what to do next. I had so many options in my hand. I needed to think very carefully and choose a path. People around me gave different types of advises. I analyzed them very carefully but still had many good alternatives. I was expecting to overcome this situation and choose the right path.

2) When I entered in undergrad program, my target was to achieve CGPA at least 3.50 out of 4.00. When I was waiting for intern grade, I calculated and found that my CGPA will be stuck at 3.49. I was expecting to get an “A” so that it could push my CGPA to 3.50

3) My friend circle always try to organize an annual trip. I was expecting to have another tour in 2012. I never been to Cox’s Bazar and saint martin’s island before 2012. Though these are very common place for tour, I never had the chance to go there. I was hopping to go this time around. Although I had another reason to go there and that was to meet with my girlfriend.

4) I got admitted in ICMAB on December 2011. I was so serious with it. I started to study hard and prepare for the exams. I was expecting to appear in April 2012 exam.

5) When I finished my internship, I was offered a job at that organization. I refused their offer with a plan to study CA. To be a CA was my childhood dream. During November & December of 2011, I applied in different CA firm to join in. However, I did not get any response. I was Expecting that I could start my CA study by 2012.

6) I was expecting to get enrolled in ICAB as quickly as possible so that I can attend in June 2013 exam (it takes almost 18 months).

7) I was expecting to finish reading all the books of CA 1st level (Knowledge level of professional stage) and then start reading 2nd level books.

these were the expectations I started 2012 with. My plan was to fulfill all those expectations by 2012. Now lets come to the my achievements in 2012.


During 2012 I had following achievements.

1) During 2012 I completed my graduation from North South University. I scored my expected CGPA. Though I achieved it not the way I planned. But still I scored CGPA 3.5 out of 4.00. It took me 13 semesters to complete my BBA. Though I planned to finish it by 11 semester. I could actually finish it by 11 semester. But later I changed my plan. Anyway, that’s another story.

2) We had the tour I mentioned in expectation part. Me and my friends went for a week-long tour. Our route was DhakaChittagong-Bandorban-Cox’s Bazar-Saint Martin’s island-Cherea dip-Cox’s bazar-Chittagong-Dhaka. It was a wonderful journey. We had so much fun. And yes, I meet with my girl friend. I won’t never forget that day.

3) I overcame with my confusion and determined to pursue my childhood dream; to be a CA.

4) On April 2012, I joined in A. Qasem & Co. Chartereed Accountants. It is one of the renowned CA firm and the first CA firm in Bangladesh. I got ICAB registration on June and will appear in May-June 2013 exam.

5) I passed one of two subject exam I appeared in ICMAB. Now I’m done with 500 marks of 2100 marks to get ACMA degree.

6) I start auditing. By the end of 2012, I have audited 7 organizations. I went out of Dhaka couple of times for auditing purpose.

7) I finished reading more than half of the books of CA level 1.

I also had few small achievements during 2012. Now let me jump to the failure section.


Though I achieved many things, I had few failure during 2012. Fortunately the numbers of failure is not that high.

1) I was not able to push my CGPA with intern grade. I had to get back to university for another course. I took taxation course to replace the working capital management course. This increased my CGPA to 3.50. Although my number of credit hours increased.

2) I got several promising and lucrative job offer but I refused them all. Even though I had the opportunity, I did not accept any job offer. Though I am not considering this one as my failure. Instead I should treat it as my strength to stay determined.

3) I failed to finish reading all the books of CA level 1. Still continuing my reading process.

4) I appeared in August 2012 exam of ICMAB. I attended two exams. I passed in one and failed in another. The subject I failed in was Intermediate financial accounting, the subject I like and the subject I thought I was good at.


During the year I lost my eldest aunt (paternal side). She used to love me so much. I too cared for her. I pray to Allah to bless her soul and put her to Jannah. Another loss of the year  is my friends. I lost communication with most of my friends. After joining in a CA firm, I restrained myself from friends so that I can focus on my ICAB & ICMAB studies. Also I became too busy with auditing. I sincerely hope that my friends don’t forget me. I will get back to them as soon as I finish my articular period or I become a chartered accountant. Till then, I hope they all will be well.

Performance analysis:

During our audit, we do lots of performance analysis. I think I should do a bit of analysis on my performance, expectations, achievements and failure. Despite of failures, the whole year was great for me. I am still following the path I have chosen. I’m still perusing the strategies I prepared for my life. 2012 was ultimately a great year for me. after 2003-5, I got another great year. It is the year when I took the control of the path of my life. I stayed still in the turning points of my life.

2012 was good for me. I hope 2013 will be good too. I hope 2013 will be good for us, our country and for the world. I pray to Allah for our bright future.

Now we are in new year’s eve. Only few moments left before we enter in 2013.  I’m hopping you all are prepared to accept 2013 and let go 2012. Thanks for reading the blog and I’m wishing you Happy new year!!!



ICMAB website has been hacked several month ago. However it is not restored yet. Therefore students of ICMAB are not getting any updates through online. December 2012 exams are knocking at the door. However, there are lots of students who do not have the routine as they are not getting any updates from the website. I was one of them. Then I found the soft copy of the routine in a Facebook group of ICMAB. Those who wants to get regular updates of ICMAB, I recommend you to join in the group.

Those who don’t have the exam routine, you can download it from the link Below:

Routine of December_2012 Examination

It has been 41 years since Bangladesh has won its Victory came after many sacrifices has been made. It sure will be regarded as the worst time in the history of Bangladesh. But yet it brought the best moment for Bangladesh and that is the victory of the Bangladesh.

Victory is different to different people. Those who have fought for the country has strong feelings for the country. Those who lost something or someone in the freedom fight, victory is something to them. And those who got the Independent country as gift, most of them have weak feelings about victory. But yet we all love this country and celebrate victory of this lovely land.

Although it has been 41 years since Bangladesh have achieved independence. Bangladesh have achieved many significant achievements. These achievements have bought reputation for this country. However, the main reasons and dreams people fought for is still  is not achieved. But hopefully we will get a good leader who will lead this country to the dream freedom fighters fought for. I am a dreamer who is waiting for that days. In the mean time I am wishing my victory day wish to all of you. I am dedicating a song named “Bangladesh” by a top Bangladeshi Singer James.



As far I can remember, Asia cup 2012 was playing for the 2nd time in big tournament. Don’t know what will people tell about previous one but this time they played really well through out the tournament. Their performance and consistency surprised everyone. For that reason whole country, no the whole cricket world, was looking for the final match of Asia cup 2012.

People of the country was so excited for this match that most of the people rescheduled their work. I too was looking forward to this final with excitement and great hope. With the performance Bangladesh team was showing, I was pretty much sure something great might happen in the final. I skipped my classes at ICMAB to watched the whole match in TV.

During Pakistan‘s innings, our hope started to go up as Bangladesh team was showing outstanding performance in balling and fielding. They showed excellent fielding performance except the 50th over where they gave away 17 runs. But still our hopes was getting higher and higher.

Bangladesh’s innings were bit slow but not depressing. Tamim was in wicket. He showed brilliant performance in last 3 matches. So people was thinking he will do the same in this match too. Yes indeed he did. He scored  runs in the match which gave him 4th consecutive ODI in this tournament. Although he was performing great but his partners didn’t do well. They took too many balls to score few runs. Later Sakib came to the wicket and scored some runs. And gradually Bangladesh was reaching for their target. And everyone knows what happened at the end.

When Bangladesh needed 30 runs to win, I set out of home to see of my sister and mother to Chandpur. Yeah I missed the last part of the match but I saw something amazing. When I was on my way to Sadarghat waterway station, I found that all roads was almost empty. Where it takes one hour to reach sadarghat from my home, it took only 25 minutes. But often I heard people was shouting in excitement as Bangladesh team was scoring. Even the police and other forces who were on patrol through out the city was listening to the commentary on radio.

I was getting updates from my friend. I too became excited. By the time I reached to my destination, Bangladesh team needed 4 runs in 1 ball remaining. I saw a large crowd watching the match in TV in a corner. When I got aboard in the ship, I heard the news that Bangladesh lost the match by 2 runs. That was really a close call.

Just after the match was finished, whole station become crowded. And believe me it took almost 45 minutes to came home back. But I saw people was so much depressed. Later I saw that our players cried too. They didn’t just cry, they made others to cry with them.

This match was an excellent example of our patriotism. This match brought leaders of all large political party in same ground. This match made them to putt aside their differences. People of country started to support a single team “Team Bangladesh” although they support different teams and political parties. Also our cricket team showed their abilities to the cricket world. This tournament was great achievement for Bangladesh Cricket Team. People will remember this tournament and the final match for a long time.

One part of my life ended today. Tomorrow begins a new part of my life as tomorrow I’ll enter in the corporate world. Tomorrow I’ll be joining as Intern in Eskayef Bangladesh limited which is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh.

You might think I’m exaggerating a little as I’m joining in that company. The fact is I’m coping it from their website. Moreover, I heard Eskayef is the 3rd largest pharmaceutical company. Anyway, I’ll work in the finance department of Eskayef. I don’t know yet what will my responsibilities be.

Next three months will overlap between my student life and corporate life. It will be my training period before I enter in corporate world in full force. I hope this and upcoming transitions of my life goes in my favor. GOD help me and give me the strengths. 🙂

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