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My life long dream is to be a Chartered Accountant. In order to fulfill my dream I joined A. Qasem & Co Chartered Accountants giving up the opportunity of jobs with good salaries. AQC is an affiliated CA firm with globally recognized firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). It has been 4 months since I have joined in AQC. During these four months I spent 2 months in the firm and another 2 months in client. During these 4 months I witnessed and got different advices for and against these profession and the firm.

I was told to think carefully before I apply for registration in ICAB. Some well wishers advised me to try for RRH which is a member firm of KPMG. So I thought thoroughly and from different perspective. And then i took my final decision and that is stay in AQC and become an articled student. So today I submitted my certificates and applied for registration under AQC. I hope soon I will get the registration. I am looking forward to attend June 2013 exam.

I don’t know whether becoming articled student at AQC is a good idea or not. But I will stick to my decision. These decision might lead me to better or worse position. I certainly hope that this decision make thing worse. i will try my level best to make it better.


I joined AQC (A. Qasem & Co. Chartered Accountants) on April 1, 2012 as Articled Student. Since then I worked at the firm office and made worked on Tax Deducted at Source and VAT deductions of the professional fees of the firm. However watching other students going on Audit made me ever more interested to go on Audit. After almost two months, yesterday I finally joined in an audit team. Though, I was called several times to join in different audit team, but I was not allowed to do so until I finish my assignment.

I arrived at Client’s office in the early morning which is 45 min earlier than my office time. My senior team members gave me a brief idea of the client and what we will be auditing. Later I was asked to do some vouching. Since I was new in auditing, I didn’t know about vouching. My seniors taught me how to work on vouchers and write observations. Then I did several vouching which was later checked by seniors for mistakes.

First day of auditing was a wonderful experience. Client provided a separate room for our work. And the team members are helpful and cooperative to me. I don’t know how other thinks about us but as an auditor I feel I am something…:P and now I am looking forward to the upcoming days…..

Airtel Bangladesh

Airtel Bangladesh started using the sloganভালবাসার টানে, পাশে আনে ” ( love brings us closer ) after it was re-branded from Warid Telecom Bangladesh. This slogan something different from the slogan of other operators in Bangladesh. I wondered why airtel have chosen this slogan. Now watching its TVC and other promotional activity, I think now why.  It’s because, I believe, airtel have cracked the formula for love.

In the TVC, airtel says “In our world, you are never far from your beloved one”. This line is related to airtel’s slogan. That because all messages in promotions generally reflect the Slogan or motto of the organization. So I figured that the spam messages sent by airtel has to do something with its slogan as the spam messages is part of its promotional activity.

According to Wikipedia, “Love is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection.“Love” can also refer specifically to the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love, to the sexual love of eros (cf. Greek words for love), to the emotional closeness of familial love, or to the platonic love that defines friendship, to the profound oneness or devotion of religious love.” So you see, love is a form or relationship. And communication is the only way to build and maintain (and also to destroy) a relationship.

Airtel is in the business of communication. So it’s very much important for airtel that subscriber makes more relationship. The more relationship its subscriber has, the more they communicate. The more its subscribers communicates, the more profit airtel makes.  So airtel is helping its subscribers to build relationship by sending spam messages.

Well don’t get the wrong idea that I’m in favor of these spam messages. I hate it as much as you do. But I found a pattern in these spam messages. You see, airtel sends about 4 spam messages everyday. One in morning (around 9-10 am ) , one at the noon ( around 1-2 pm ), one at the afternoon ( around 5-6 pm )  and last one at 7-10 pm. I believe these are not just spam messages. These are reminder to communicate. When it sends the first spam messages, I think airtel tries to say, “hey, have you talked to your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ your beloved one?”.  When it sends the second spam at noon, It’s says like “well, isn’t it time to know what they are doing?” . At afternoon, i guess, its spam message tries to say “don’t you want to stay close to your beloved person? then talk to them”.  Last message at night says like, ” isn’t it time to know their whole day update and wish goodnight?”

So if you want answer these questions when the spam messages arrives at your mobile, you have to communicate. And if you communicate at least 4 times a day, there is every possibility that your relationship will be stronger (unless you irritate them :P). So airtel is giving bonuses, cash-back offers and free messages because it wants its subscribers to have a good relationship. Airtel is promoting love in its promotional activity and helping us build relationship because, I believe, it have cracked the love formula. And now they know how love works. 😛


Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Wishing Happy Birthday to my friend Sazid Raihan


Today was my Friend Sazid’s birthday. So before writing anything else, let me wish him once again (as I already did it twice :P)  . Happy Birthday my friend!!!

We celebrated his birthday at Banani KFC . Well we means me, Zaman, Tihan, mahmud & his friend Fahad & Minhaj. Although Mobashra joined with us but she had to left for her problem. Also Tihan’s girlfriend Rakhi was there for a while.  It was a great party. It’s not possible to write everything here. Just know there was lots of fun, lots of photo sessions and also a little discussion on meshed potato.

There is good news. While in the party, our Nerd guru Anwar Zaman have developed a theory on birthday. I can’t resist myself from giving it here.  Zaman’s original theory on Birthday says –

“In the Birthday of great people there will be heavy rain,heavy storm will occur,all this thing happen because in this day sky lost it most valuable star.” [theory first published on : Zaman’s Facebook Status, September 28, 2010.]

Very much thankful to Sazid for the party and the great fun time I had. Also thankful for giving Zaman the opportunity to develop a great theory.

N.B. I enjoyed the moments with Mobashra while we were looking for the possible gifts for Sazid. She really have good choices. One thing I’ve learned is that I’m very bad at selecting birthday gifts. 😦

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