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Yesterday I opened NSU NERD CLUB.  I can’t believe I actually did it. I was thinking to open this club for a very long time and finally I did it. Initial response was surprising. Got 7 nerd member instantly. Mobashra, one of the  innitial members, have created a history to be the first female nerd member of this club. If you want to know the reason why I opened this club, you have to know the history behind it.

From the very beginning of my NSU life, I was making new friends in every semester. This is because I wasn’t able to take courses with my friend. for some reasons. So, to survive in a friendless class and form study group, I had to make new friends. Through this process I made a good number of friends in NSU. Also this is how I met all my Nerdy friends.

The nerdiest friends I have right now are Anwar Zaman, Sazid Raihan, Tihan Adnan. I got the base idea to open the Nerd Club from these friends; especially from Zaman. Zaman comes up with lots of theories. I published his one of the latest theories in one of my earlier posts and he sued me (through Sazid) for doing so. Well, that’s not my point. Like Zaman, Sazid and Tihan had (well still they have) their own nerdy activity. We used to discuss about others activity and academic performance while we use to meet. This caused us to come close and make a great nerd circle. Then I got the idea of making a circle just for all NSU nerds. Among almost twelve thousand students of NSU there must be at least hundred nerd students. In order to establish a common nerd platform and nerd society, I wanted to open the nerd club.  And after having a little discussion with Zaman, I finally opened the NSU Nerd Club.

We have also come up with some Nerd Ranking. You know army’s have ranks which is required for them to maintain the hierarchy. So I thought why we don’t have our own Ranking. But this ranking is specially to show what level of nerd a person is. Higher levels of Nerds are eligible to apply for the club executive committee (EC) membership. At present Nerd Rank (NR) is only available to EC Members. But soon we will come up with criteria for each nerd rank. Then we can provide NR to all NC members.

At present Nerd Club is recruiting new members. You can suggest your nerd NSU friends to join the club. You don’t have to have a good CGPA to be a nerd and to join in the club. Though I’m the founder of the nerd club, I don’t have a good CGPA. Your nerdy attitude and behavior is enough to join in the club. For example, my friend Abid A. Minar had a bad CGPA but he acts like Encyclopedia Humanica. He answers all of the questions people asks him. So I made him a member of NC. Any kind of attributes of nerdness is enough to join in Nerd Club. Oh! I forgot to mention that ONLY NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY STUDENTS are allowed to be a member of NSUNC.

NSU Nerd Club (NC) is now an infant. Hope to see this club has gone far in upcoming future. Waiting for that moment…..

North South University, Bashundhara Campus

NSU Boy's Lounge. Photo by: Rajiv Ashrafi from Flickr

North South University have changed its advising system. For the first time in NSU history I saw the most lengthy advising process. My slot came after 9 days, advising have started. I was little bit scared about the advising as other NSUers. But bad time doesn’t stay forever. So my advising time have come and it was today.

I was in NSU by 10:15am. I went earlier to observe the advising process. But I was too busy chatting with Mobashra, Sazid, Sifat, Rezwan, Tahmid &  my  other friends that I forgot why I came earlier 😛 .  I tried to find if any of my friends are taking course with me. But sadly Apart from Reaz I found no  other friends are taking the major courses with me. Though Sifat & Rezwan promised to take Psychology with me.

Before 30 min of my advising Rezwan, Sifat & I went to advising room. For the very first time my advising room was different from my gang ( Prottoy, Rezwan, & Sifat). Anyway, before 15 min. of my advising time, someone asked us to step in the  Open space at 5th floor right after showing our IDs. We made a queue for each rooms. And once again we got our IDs checked. Latter they called us to enter in the advising room. I saw Asif Abdullah, Reaz, Rusab  and tanveer were also in my room. It was little bit relieved thinking that I have someone to discuss with.

We got 15 min to observe the status of sections of different course. I have 11 courses left for graduating and I selected 6 courses from which I will take 4 courses for Fall semester. But unfortunately all of my desired sections are filled up. After doing a brief analysis, I selected some sections for advising. When advising time was started I hurried to take the courses. I clicked on some courses but before I click on the save button, it says this section is full. It happened 2/3 times. For a fractions of seconds I missed several sections.

Apart from Psychology, sections for all other courses were full. Some TBAs were still left due to odd timing. So I took the Psy101 as promised with Sifat & Rezwan. I also took FIN435 (Investment Theory) with TfH sir even though I want to take FIN340 (Working Capital Management) with MtA sir. I took TBA for MKT460 & ECO244. TBA for MKT460 is basically because of reaz. We both took the section because ZTK ma’am may take the section. And Economics department didn’t give us option to think about faculty as they put TBA in all economics courses. I’m happy with the courses I got as I got a good class timing. But still I have to go for re-advising as I need to add one more course which I’ll retake.

Like any other semester advising I faced the problem with getting desired course and section. I had to be happy with the class timing. NSU changed the advising process but it didn’t pay off. We are still having the same old experience regarding advising.

P.S. I heard some rumor that re-advising wont take place or money will be required for re-advising. Today I tried to verify these rumors but didn’t get this from authentic sources. What I found was re-advising will start from 18th September and money is not required for re-advising.

So this is the second part of my blog.  If you missed first part click here to read it.

I had no plan to take MKT 337 in this semester. But when I saw IJS ma’am is taking the course, I couldn’t help myself. I influenced Turza to take the course with me and latter Raihan joined us. my performance in this course is not satisfactory but I’m very much happy to do our projcet. For the projcet We formed the group with Anika, Mishu & Zabid whom Turza knew earlier. Though the group was almost divided into two and need some integration, it was a great group. We did our first project on Apollo Hispital, Dhaka. And second project on Daily Kaler Kantho. In out first project, we were required to analyze three marketing communication tool of Apollo hospital. It was mostly done by Anika and her friends. And in the second project we were required to analyze the current IMC tool and suggest new IMC tool for Daily Kaler Kantho. We also needed to make a TVC for it. This is the projcet I liked very much. We all worked hard for the paper and the TVC. Anika generated idea for TVC and we did little editing in it. But we were having problem with finding Model. Again Anika came to the rescue. She called 3 of her friends and used them as model. Also we used Turza and Mishu as model. Our TVC wasn’t a video but was a slide show of pictures. At first Anika made the TVC with Powerpoint and it was good. but I thought it would be better if we can convert it in a video. So after little bit of modification of Anika’s concept, I made a video slide show using windows movie maker. Raihan and Mishu helped me providing necessary files. And  finally we made our TVC for Daily Kaler Kantho. I’ve posted the TVC at the bottom of this blog. Making TVC was exciting, but it was even more exciting when I found that everyone in the class liked it.

Now let me talk about my last course Operation Management. I didn’t get my desired faculty in my advising. All sections of good reputed faculties are filled up. All sections for which faculty is not announced yet is empty except one. I noticed that 25 of 35 student have already enrolled in that section. Prottoy and I was doing advising together.  We decided to take that section thinking that may be one reputed faculty will take that section. Also I know Mobashra was taking the same section. Abid’s advising time slot was after me. So I informed him about that section and told him to take it. Latter in that night I came to know that Sazid, Amin, Tuhin and Rabbi also took that course. I was happy because I got some good  friends in that section. For this reason I didn’t change  the section in re-advising but I was worried about the faculty.

In the very first day of OM class, I found out that I know almost 90% if the students. Sadia, Tonni, Antar, Amin and others. Sorry can’t recall everyone’s name…:( Anyway, we all was waiting for the faculty. And finally he showed up. At first I thought he was a student like us. He was very young and a new faculty in NSU. He introduced himself to the class.  His name was Ishfaque Hossain and his initial was IqH. He did his undergrad and grad. in USA. But one the interesting thing came out when students were introducing themselves. Whenever a student names his school from dhaka, IqH sir told that he use to be a student of that school too. Then he explained that he studied in almost all reputed school in Dhaka apart from VNS&C, Holy Cross and other girls schools 😛 😛 .He also told use that he completed one semester in NSU too. From the vary first class I believed that he is a legendary person. And through out the whole semester I found it’s true.

Most of the time, when he was giving lecture, he use to give us example from his personal life in USA. It would start with “When I was in Huston…” or “When I was in Texas….”. Apart from his examples, his lecture was boring as hell. Most of the time I saw students are not concentrating to his lectures. To pass the boring time in class, Mobashra, Sazid & I used to do offline chatting in my note-book. I forgot to mention that This was my third course with Mobashra. Also it was second course that Sazid, Mobashra & I did together. We did eco134 together with AAR who is another legendary faculty. but that was totally different story…

So, in every class we came to know more about legendary IqH sir. Also we came to know his father and his priority banking in SCB. But after the night Argentina lost to Germany, we came to know about the greatest fact of IqH sir. He the name of 5-6 celebrity from whom he took autograph and picture. Unfortunately I can recall the names. But most of them were from football star and rest were movie star. I was thinking if he would show those pictures to us. But he didn’t. May be forgot. 😛

Classes with IqH sir was great (except his lectures). One problem was that be couldn’t make us understand the maths. or our brains wasn’t accelerated enough to capture his lectures. While the semester was almost finished he told us to do presentation. I can bet that OM presentation is life time experience to everyone. Apart from first 1 or 2 hour, I was present in whole presentation time. It took him more than 8 hours to complete the presentation. (see my blog about presentation here ).

Through out the whole semester we had wonderful experience with IqH sir. But final was the best. Specially the syllabus. He gave us notes for 3 chapters as the syllabus. And the total pages of notes ware 3 and a half. He gave MCQ from the notes and 5 of 6 maths from those 3 chapters. This is the easiest syllabus for final exam I’ve ever seen.  And most importantly we got our grade for OM course on the vary next day. Sir did it because he was leaving Bangladesh in 3 days. He was going to Canada. He told me that he is going to do his PHD but others says he is going to see someone from Pakistan.

I don’t know what are you thinking about him. May be a bad teacher, may be a good teacher. But believe me, you can’t judge him unless you take a course with him. But one thing is sure. He is the most easy-going faculty I’ve ever seen. Also he made our semester easy. But unfortunately we were the last batch of his students. With the end of Summer’10 semester, he also ended his teaching career. But He made us proud when he told us that we are the best students he taught. I’m sure all of his students will miss him. or at least remember him…

I don’t know if the semester was legendary for you but surely it was for me. Thanks for reading the whole blog. And As promised I’ve added the TVC that we made for MKT 337 projcet. Let me know how do you like it. 🙂

When you are in a break, you feel bored. And the break is almost finished, you want some more free days.  It’s a really interesting fact.  Yeah this is what I’m feeling right now.

Till yesterday, I was really looking forward to the classes to begin. But this morning when I woke up at 10 o’ clock, I figured out that  from tomorrow I have got up early in the morning. Because Classes will start from tomorrow and my classes are from 9:40 in the morning.  So to be in the class right on time, i have to leave home before 8 o’ clock. And for the  preparation I’ll need an hour.  That means I have to get up by 6:30 am.  And this will continue for next 4 months.

So this is the reason I’m little bit disappointed. I love my morning sleep. And now I have to sacrifice my morning sleep for some classes. 😦

but I’m excited too. Some thing tells me that this semester will be rocking. I’ll enjoy the semester.  reason for this feeling can be for some friends who are taking courses with me. I’ll be in the same class with  Sazid, Mobasha, AZ, Abid & Turza. This is so exciting.

So another semester begins from tomorrow. I’ve to prepare myself for this semester. how? he he he….its too easy. All  I’ve to do is  sleep whole today.

Every day is special. Something new happens almost every day. Sometime some events make the day memorable, sometime not memorable but exceptional day. Yeah, Today was something like that.  Not one, not two, five incidents made this day something exceptional.

Incident one:

My MKT460 quiz was supposed to be held today (it’s a surprise quiz). As the quiz wasn’t taken last class, we, students, were pretty much sure that the quiz will be taken today. I wasn’t prepared for the quiz because I wasn’t sure which book to follow (we have two book to study). I asked one of my friends about the book and he told me the name. I studied the chapters for one hour just before the class time. I was ready for the quiz and attended the class. But Sir told that there will be no quiz today.

Incident Two:

My MGT314 (Operations Management) faculty told us that he will form the study group for us. But I took that course with some of my friends so that I can form my group with them. So I requested earlier my faculty to let us from our group. He didn’t say anything about it. Today I requested him again as he want to form the group very soon. This time he ignored my request. But I kept requesting him again and again.  This time he asked me with whom I want to form group. With hope, I showed my friends. But what he said that broke my heart once again (he already broke my heart once. See my blog:  Mystery & Heartbreak!!)  . What he said was “I’ll ensure that each of you fall in different groups”. I was just fallen down to earth from sky.

Incident Three:

After that heartbreak, I went to Printing Zone (Resource) to print some slides with a sad mind. There is a rule in the printing zone that you can’t take your bag in the printing zone. You have to keep your bag outside or pigeon hole. But they don’t care if it is a small bag. So today I, along with Mobashra & Sazid, went to printing zone. Sazind & I had traveling bags (more like school bags) with us. When we entered into the printing zone, in-charge of the zone told us to keep out bags out of the zone. But our friend Mobashra had a large handbag with her. He didn’t say anything to her. What discrimination to us.   :( I think he thought that Mobashra’s bag was a normal handbag.

Incident Four:

After the bag incident, I started to print. The file I wanted to print was a power point file with 75 slides. Printer didn’t take the print command when I wanted to print whole file (it was 4 slides per page, which made it 19 pages).  So I gave print command for first 48 slides (12 pages) and It was accepted. But it didn’t take the command for rest 27 slides (7 pages). I talked to the in-charge and informed about it. He said that I can’t print more than 3 pages at a time (i already printed 12 pages at a time).  So I tried printing 3 pages first but still it didn’t work.  I notified the in-charge again. And then he did something with my account and said now I’ll be able to print. So I tried again and gave print command of rest of the file (7 pages). This time it worked. But It took me nearly 10 minutes to complete printing the whole file. I’ve nothing to say but “It’s NSU”.

Incident Five:

After my class I thought of passing sometime in the club room. My cousin Abrar was there too. I thought I’ll return to home with him as he lives close to my home. But when they prepared for leaving they decided to go BFC (Best Fried Chicken).  I thought I didn’t go there lately, so I should go with them. When we were on the way I figured out I don’t have enough money to eat in BFC. I decided to go to ATM for withdrawing some money. So when we arrived at BFC, I went to nearest DBBL ATM booth. I withdrawn some money & checked my balance. What it showed was surprising. It showed my Balance is BDT 20,292 where as I had only BDT 4,500. I was just too surprised. I was wondering where that money came from. With an exciting mind I returned home. I asked my father if he deposited the money in my account. But he didn’t. So I told him about that money and he said “Oh! The bank has returned the money that I gave for primary share. I applied from your BO account and you didn’t get the primary share. So they returned the money to your Bank account.” I was just “Oh!”

You may find these incidents simple. But those were something exceptional when I was going through those. And that’s why they made the day exceptional.

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