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Yesterday I opened NSU NERD CLUB.  I can’t believe I actually did it. I was thinking to open this club for a very long time and finally I did it. Initial response was surprising. Got 7 nerd member instantly. Mobashra, one of the  innitial members, have created a history to be the first female nerd member of this club. If you want to know the reason why I opened this club, you have to know the history behind it.

From the very beginning of my NSU life, I was making new friends in every semester. This is because I wasn’t able to take courses with my friend. for some reasons. So, to survive in a friendless class and form study group, I had to make new friends. Through this process I made a good number of friends in NSU. Also this is how I met all my Nerdy friends.

The nerdiest friends I have right now are Anwar Zaman, Sazid Raihan, Tihan Adnan. I got the base idea to open the Nerd Club from these friends; especially from Zaman. Zaman comes up with lots of theories. I published his one of the latest theories in one of my earlier posts and he sued me (through Sazid) for doing so. Well, that’s not my point. Like Zaman, Sazid and Tihan had (well still they have) their own nerdy activity. We used to discuss about others activity and academic performance while we use to meet. This caused us to come close and make a great nerd circle. Then I got the idea of making a circle just for all NSU nerds. Among almost twelve thousand students of NSU there must be at least hundred nerd students. In order to establish a common nerd platform and nerd society, I wanted to open the nerd club.  And after having a little discussion with Zaman, I finally opened the NSU Nerd Club.

We have also come up with some Nerd Ranking. You know army’s have ranks which is required for them to maintain the hierarchy. So I thought why we don’t have our own Ranking. But this ranking is specially to show what level of nerd a person is. Higher levels of Nerds are eligible to apply for the club executive committee (EC) membership. At present Nerd Rank (NR) is only available to EC Members. But soon we will come up with criteria for each nerd rank. Then we can provide NR to all NC members.

At present Nerd Club is recruiting new members. You can suggest your nerd NSU friends to join the club. You don’t have to have a good CGPA to be a nerd and to join in the club. Though I’m the founder of the nerd club, I don’t have a good CGPA. Your nerdy attitude and behavior is enough to join in the club. For example, my friend Abid A. Minar had a bad CGPA but he acts like Encyclopedia Humanica. He answers all of the questions people asks him. So I made him a member of NC. Any kind of attributes of nerdness is enough to join in Nerd Club. Oh! I forgot to mention that ONLY NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY STUDENTS are allowed to be a member of NSUNC.

NSU Nerd Club (NC) is now an infant. Hope to see this club has gone far in upcoming future. Waiting for that moment…..



Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Wishing Happy Birthday to my friend Sazid Raihan


Today was my Friend Sazid’s birthday. So before writing anything else, let me wish him once again (as I already did it twice :P)  . Happy Birthday my friend!!!

We celebrated his birthday at Banani KFC . Well we means me, Zaman, Tihan, mahmud & his friend Fahad & Minhaj. Although Mobashra joined with us but she had to left for her problem. Also Tihan’s girlfriend Rakhi was there for a while.  It was a great party. It’s not possible to write everything here. Just know there was lots of fun, lots of photo sessions and also a little discussion on meshed potato.

There is good news. While in the party, our Nerd guru Anwar Zaman have developed a theory on birthday. I can’t resist myself from giving it here.  Zaman’s original theory on Birthday says –

“In the Birthday of great people there will be heavy rain,heavy storm will occur,all this thing happen because in this day sky lost it most valuable star.” [theory first published on : Zaman’s Facebook Status, September 28, 2010.]

Very much thankful to Sazid for the party and the great fun time I had. Also thankful for giving Zaman the opportunity to develop a great theory.

N.B. I enjoyed the moments with Mobashra while we were looking for the possible gifts for Sazid. She really have good choices. One thing I’ve learned is that I’m very bad at selecting birthday gifts. 😦

Yeah! Summer’10 semester was a great semester for me. Because It was one legendary semester.  Semester was legendary because of one legendary faculty. I’ll talk about him latter. Let me talk about my part first. 🙂

I started this semester with 4 courses. Operation Management (MGT 314), Promotional Management (MKT 337), Strategic Marketing (MKT 460) and Business Law (Law 200). Unlike some semesters, I had friends in every class in this semester.

I took Law coaurse with AMu sir. Almost everyone I know who did Law200 course suggested me to take it with AMu sir and I did that. In the vary first class I understood why other suggested to take course with him. He was too awesome. Law is basically boring. but AMu sir made every class enjoyable that there was absolutely no chance to loose concentration from his lecture. His examples and use of “Mohabbate Kum kum” word was too interesting. Problem with AMu sir were Assignments, Exams & pop-quizzes. Sir took first pop quiz in the vary first class. but one of my friend informed me about it so I was prepared. 🙂 Assignments was little bit of pain. but it was a piece of cake for me because I got two group members Minhaj vai & Rakib vai who supported me a lot. And the exams? let’s not talk about it. you will know how it likes when you have to memorize 4/5 chapters with tons of points. But overall I learned a lot of things about law. Specially Offer & Acceptance and Contract.

In the beginning I was little bit worried about MKT 460 course. Because It is high level course and I took a section with no teacher assigned. Than I came to know that Zaman was also with me in that section. Yeah, Zaman is one of the best group members I have found in NSU. His presence was a great relief for me.  Latter we came to know that BHn sir was taking that section. It was a little shock for me because I had a terrible experience with BHn sir. I took MKT202 course with BHn sir and ended up getting B- where I was expecting A/A-.  Than I thought It would be a good idea to take the challenge. Actually I didn’t want to stand in the horrible re-advising line. Class with BHn sir is good. I like his teaching style. But I didn’t like him when he divided our group for debate. I formed my group with Zaman & Zaman’s friend Tonni, Rimzi & Nabin. We five came out with a great idea for our project work when BHn sir asked to do in on Social Business. I thought it would be the greatest project in my NSU life. but it didn’t go according to plan because of the final exam. But every one in the group worked hard and Zaman , as usual, was coordinating everything. And now I’m hopping that history with BHn sir won’t repeat itself.

Hmm..looks like I’m making this blog lengthy. But I can’t help my self. I didn’t talk about MKT 337 & MGT 314. and If I don’t, then you won’t know about the legendary faculty. So I think I should continue it in another part. wait for it. 🙂


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