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When I was getting ready for the university, I was thinking to wear Panjabi. But later I changed my mind. Didn’t understand that it was a mistake until I reached at the university. Almost every boy was wearing panjabi and almost every girl was wearing Sharees. With colorful dresses everyone was preparing to celebrate the arrival of spring.At first I was felling little bit odd but later I thought it is  my last chance to celebrate first Falgun (১লা ফাল্গুন) and there is no way I am gonna miss it.

Program started with a rally to celebrate the “First Falgun”. My teacher gave one hour time-off to the whole class so that we can participate in the rally but unfortunately I missed it. Then the real celebration started. In the first phrase there was few songs to welcome the spring. During that time everyone was singing and dancing. Then singing and dancing started for a while and that was the time for puppet show. Though I didn’t like the puppets but I liked the show. A mini fair was arranged in front of gallery. And I bought a cotton candy from there (because I didn’t find like anything else 😦 ).

Almost all of my friends had class or were dating during this time. So I didn’t see any of them and so festival was boring for me. It was boring until the second part. Second phrase of music started after an hour later. Everyone gathered in front of the gallery. People were enjoying by singing and dancing again. IJS ma’am and DAK ma’am made it even more enjoyable by singing songs.  Sazid, Mahmud and I were enjoying everything thing from the first row though Sazid was busy in taking photos. After the music segment, comedy show started. But  Sazid, Mahmud and I, all 3 of us, had class. So we had to leave for the class. I heard there were a concert at the evening. I thought to return in the celebration after the class. But I was so tired that I had to leave NSU for today. It was really exciting to watch students’ excitement.  Even though I missed my friends today but overall I had a great day. why should I miss the fun even if they weren’t there. Like it  is said “whether flower blooms or not, today is spring (ফুল ফুটুক আর নাই ফুটুক, আজ বসন্ত)”

Anyway, Tomorrow (by the time I finish it off, it will be today) is the 14th February. The Valentine’s day! Another day for love! It’s kinda sad for me because I have to celebrate it alone 😦 . But hey! I am sure you will celebrate it in right way. Don’t just limit the love for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Spread it among everyone. Love everyone!

Wishing you all Happy Valentine’s Day and a Happy Spring!!!




When you are in a break, you feel bored. And the break is almost finished, you want some more free days.  It’s a really interesting fact.  Yeah this is what I’m feeling right now.

Till yesterday, I was really looking forward to the classes to begin. But this morning when I woke up at 10 o’ clock, I figured out that  from tomorrow I have got up early in the morning. Because Classes will start from tomorrow and my classes are from 9:40 in the morning.  So to be in the class right on time, i have to leave home before 8 o’ clock. And for the  preparation I’ll need an hour.  That means I have to get up by 6:30 am.  And this will continue for next 4 months.

So this is the reason I’m little bit disappointed. I love my morning sleep. And now I have to sacrifice my morning sleep for some classes. 😦

but I’m excited too. Some thing tells me that this semester will be rocking. I’ll enjoy the semester.  reason for this feeling can be for some friends who are taking courses with me. I’ll be in the same class with  Sazid, Mobasha, AZ, Abid & Turza. This is so exciting.

So another semester begins from tomorrow. I’ve to prepare myself for this semester. how? he he he….its too easy. All  I’ve to do is  sleep whole today.

At last the mystery has been revealed. After 5 days of suspense, mystery has been revealed. Well the mystery is not that much serious.  no. it is serious. My performance for Production Management (MGT314) course depended on it.  OK, let me give you the full details.

I’ve taken this Production Management (MGT314) course with some of my friends. Till yesterday night, we didn’t know the name of the faculty for this course. In the name part it was shown TBA (To Be Announced (according to Abid, it is Taher Bin Ali) . Anyway, we were little bit anxious about who is going to be the faculty of our section. My friend Mobashra predicted that it was going to be Farzana Feroz (FF) Ma’am. And the reasons for her thinking was logical. And it was a little bit shocking for us because we certainly didn’t want her as our teacher.

So we were waiting for the mystery to reveal and today morning it happened. The the name of our faculty for MGT314 was IqH. I was wondering who was he/she.  I called some of my friends if someone knows him so that I could learn something about him. But nobody could help me because he was new. In fact this is the 2nd semester since he joined in NSU.

So went to NSU to attend our very first class of this semester. When we were waiting in MGT314 class to be started IqH sir came into the class room. oh by the way, he was 10 min earlier than the class time. 😛 And during the class time we got to know him. He is a cool guy. At least for the very first day of the semester. But I liked him. I liked him because the way he talks is very much friendly. But at the end of the class he broke my heart.

As I mentioned earlier, some of my friends are with me in MGT314 class. We were planning to form our own group. And I decided just after we are done with advising. But IqH sir told the class that students can’t form their own group. He will select random students to form group. That means we can’t make group with our friends. We have to make group with some other students. It was like a heartbreak for me. My dream with forming group with Mobashra, Sazid, Prottoy & Abid has been crashed.

I’m still positive about my dream group because the group forming time is still far away. By that time if I can convince IqH sir, I think I could form my desired group. So I’m still hopping for the best. 🙂

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