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Few days back I was browsing internet and reading news in Bangladeshi online news site Suddenly an interesting news drew my attention. I saw a headline ‘I want to teach reporting’ with a picture of our Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhith. I was surprised with the headline. In our field of auditing, preparing financial statements are knows as reporting. This is what popped up in my head when I read the headline. I thought for some reason he is not satisfied with the common practice of financial reporting in Bangladesh and now he wants to change the practice.

I quickly opened the news page. And then I found out Mr. Muhit meant ‘journalism’ by the term reporting. Yet again I thought he loves journalism and wants to be a teacher of journalism after his retirement. But as I finished reading the news, I understood that he was sarcastic to the journalists.

The news reports, Mr. Muhit is upset about the matter that local media are putting much emphasize on the news of foreign news papers. He mentions that local reporters do not believe the words of government when govt. describes about the achievements and developments. However, when a foreign media says the same thing, journalists puts value on that news. And that’s why he wants to teach reporting to the journalists.

I support what Mr. Muhit said. Our journalists don’t believe news from govt. but they believe the same news published in foreign media. I know the reason why journalist do not believe the words of our government or the persons running this country. You see, people who are running this country often make unnecessary words and  claims to do some impossible works. For example, one of our minister said “Construction of Padma bridge will be finished before maturity of current government”. Where the reality is there is no change of starting the construction process in the remaining period of this govt. I can come up with thousands of example but I think I should not disrepute our government. As I mentioned earlier, our ministers or the people running this country speaks unbelievable words. Most people do not believe their words at all. Same goes for the journalists. They do not believe the words of govt. So when govt. speaks of development, journalists ignore their words.

I request Mr. Muhit not to teach the journalists who to report. They know how to do it and does it very well. I will request Mr. Muhit to teach his fellow politicians how to speak. When you guys will be able to speak believable words, journalists will listen to you and put value to your words.



Last month I have been to Keshabpur for audit purpose. Keshabpur is an Upazila of Jessore District in the Division of Khulna, Bangladesh. Purpose of the visit was to audit a partner NGO of the client I have been auditing. Iftekher vai (my senior at AQC) and I were selected for the team. We were required to finish our assignment by 3 days.

Our journey started at early morning. I arrived at bus stand almost half an hour before the departure time. Ifti vai arrived shortly. Our bus started for the destination  at 9 am. Though it was not my first tour without my friends and family, I was excited. I was excited mostly because we didn’t know anyone where we were going. Also we had no idea how we will reach the client’s office and where we will stay. We were told to contact with the partner NGO when we reach Keshabpur.

Our Bus dropped us at Jessor. Till then journey was great. Nothing special to tell except for I slept almost whole time. Then we got into a local bus which will take us to Keshabpur directly. I don’t want to describe about the bus or its environment. But I must describe the view I enjoyed from traveling though it.

The  local bus was running through a narrow road. I was sitting just beside bus window. I was enjoying an awesome natural beauty. There were fields with different crops in both side of the road. Fields were  mostly paddy fields. However most of the fields were water-logged. It is one big problem in this area. But the view of green water logged fields were great. I could see many small hut in distance. This huts works as resting place for the farmers and provide shade when they have their lunch and shelter during rain.  It was raining just before i got down from the highway bus. The road and the surrounding was still wet.Rain drops washed away the dust and dirt of the leaves of the trees. Everything was looking green and fresh. I could resemble the view with the description of an ideal village I read in books and essays.

It was dawn when we reached Keshabpur. It took us 1 hour to reach from Jessor and 9 hours from dhaka. Ifti val called the contact person and ask for instruction about how to go to the office. We were instructed to take a man-pulled van. By the way, Rickshaw is not available in this region. Rather man-pulled van and shallow-machine van (also know as Nasimon or Karimon or Votvoti) are prevalent. we took a man-pulled van and reached the office in 10 minutes.

After the introduction with office personnel we were taken to our room. It was upstairs of the office. As we were tired of journey, we planed not to do anything. After refreshing ourselves and resting a while, we started our audit planning. We shared our audit planning with office personnel over dinner. For your information, most of the office personnel lives upstairs of the office. After dinner I called my home and let them know I arrived safely. Nothing much happened afterwards as we called it a day.

Next day was busy a day. But it started with an entertaining scene. A group of languor was roaming in the rooftop of the building next our office.I knew that Keshabpur is famous for Gray languors. I was hoping to see them but never thought to see them these closely. We spent few minutes watching them. Then we went for breakfast. Afterwards our work started and we worked till lunch. After lunch we took some rest and went out for field visit. We returned at dawn. As our time was limited and work load was huge, we decided to take all the documents to our room and work till late night. We indeed worked till late night. But could not finish our work. We finished our work next day before lunch. After lunch, we went to our room to take some rest and organize everything. We started to prepare for the exist meeting. However it took us till evening to organize to discussing points.

Before exist meeting we booked two seats for our journey to Dhaka. Though we were permitted to stay another night, we decided not to take that option. After the exist meeting, we went to our room and hurried to pack our bags. Our bus was scheduled to leave within couple of hours. After dinner ifti vai went to office manager and paid all our bills. Few minutes later we left the office for bus stand. Two officer accompanied us to the bus stand. Our bus came after 15 of the scheduled time. It was last bus to Dhaka from Keshabpur. We were tired and sleepy. I fell asleep right after I got in our bus. I don’t  remember anything what happened next except for Ifti vai telling highway police at midnight that these bags (pointing to our bags) belongs to two of us. We safely arrived at Dhaka next day. Our senior recommended us to take the day off and report to Client’s office next day. That was a great news for us because we had no energy or stamina left to attend the office.

The tour was great. I got the change to see and culture of Jessore region. Got familiar with food cooking and social behavior. I was planning to visit the place once again with my friends. But I didn’t know that I have to come to same region with in few days. But that’s another story.



I believe a person can do anything if he/she gives his/her 100%. I have seen people struggling hard to survive and later on they reached to such higher position that is tough to reach. You know stories from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. But you don’t have to go far. We have that kind of heroes in out country too. My father and Uncles are such kind. They didn’t have money to conduct life let alone to afford education. Poverty was their best friend. and yet they worked hard to fulfill their dream.I have heard from them and the people who witnessed their struggle. I am not bragging but I am just showing an example. I believe you know some stories like that.If you look closely you will find lots of people around you.

I have been reading a news from and found an article about Dr.  Atiur Rahman, Governor of Bangladesh Bank. The article contains his struggle from childhood.  It reminded me something which forgot.

Dr. Atiur Rahman, Governor of Bangladesh Bank ...

Image via Wikipedia

We have lots of things. but yet most of us are not happy with what we have. We keep complaining about what we don’t have. But if you look closely you will find that we are living a rosy life com

pared to those people.

If you are interest to to read the article on Dr. Atiur Rahman, follow the link below. The article is from and written in Bengali.

ড.আতিউর রহমান : রাখাল থেকে বাংলাদেশ ব্যাংকের গভর্নর.

It was almost  5 years back when he first talked to her. It started with phone conversation. With in a few days their conversation became more frequent. Finally one day they met and fell in love with one another. Since then they were together. They had to go through lots of crisis and pressure but still their love survived.  And after all these years, their love have evolved to the next stage of love. And the next stage is marriage. Yeah, they have married each other. And starting from today, they are married couple.

Wishing them a happy and a great married life. I hope they will lead prosperous life together. Everyone please pray for them……

Facebook is building a mobile phone, says a source who has knowledge of the project. Or rather, they’re building the software for the phone and working with a third party to actually build the hardware. Which is exactly what Apple and everyone else does, too.

It was a little less than a year ago that we broke the news that Google was working on a phone of its own – which was eventually revealed as the Nexus One. It was about that time, says out source, that Facebook first became concerned about the increasing power of the iPhone and Android platforms. And that awesome Facebook apps for those phones may not be enough to counter a long term competitive threat.

Specifically, Facebook wants to integrate deeply into the contacts list and other core functions of the phone. It can only do that if it controls the operating system.

Two high level Facebook employees – Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos – are said to be secretly working on the project, which is unknown even to most Facebook staff.

Both have deep operating system experience.

Hewitt helped create the Firefox browser and was working on Parakey before it was acquired by Facebook in 2007. Parakey, which never launched, was described as a “Web-based operating system.” Hewitt also created all of Facebook’s iPhone web apps and then native apps, but finally quit building for the iPhone in disgust late last year. But he knows operating systems and he knows mobile.

Papakipos also has a perfect background for this project. He was leading the Google Chrome OS project until June. He then quit and went to Facebook. Papakipos is considered a rockstar developer, and there are any number of jobs he’d be able to do at Facebook.

But that doesn’t answer the question of why he’d leave the Chrome OS project before it was finished. It would have taken something really interesting to lure him away. Something like a Facebook Phone, for example.

So what might this phone look and feel like? We don’t know yet. When will it be announced? Don’t know. But I’d speculate that it would be a lower end phone, something very affordable, that lets people fully integrate into their Facebook world. You call your friend’s name, not some ancient seven digit code, for example. I’d imagine Facebook wanting these things to get into as many hands as possible, so I’d expect a model at a less than $50 price. Pay your bill with Facebook Credits. Etc.

As for timing, the holiday season is always a good time to launch new products. But that may be too soon.

Or who knows, the whole project might get killed before it sees light. All we know for sure is that Hewitt and Papakipos are working on something very stealthy together. And we have a source that tells us that stealthy thing is a Facebook phone.

We’re also not discounting possible partnerships around this. Spotify was said to be working on a phone with INQ last year based on a shared investor, Li Ka-Shing. It turns out Li Ka-Shing is also a sizeable investor in Facebook. So an INQ/Facebook partnership on a phone certainly wouldn’t be a surprise.

[I’ve found this news on the net and wanted to share with others. So I just copy-pasted it in my blog. It was originally taken from here. (click here) ]

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