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It has been a while since I wrote something. I may have played lazy but that is not entirely my fault. I got busy with my life and a busy man needs his rest. I know my resting period was too long. But what can I do? I am a lazy man after all. 😛

Talking about life, I returned to university for one more semester. Although I was supposed to finish my Bachelor on December, I extended it up to April. I have taken a single course in this semester and the course is about taxation. There are some reasons for extending this semester which will I tell later. Apart from the university, I am also got admitted in CMA under ICMAB. Thus life became busy.

After I finished my intern, I took some time for myself. Moreover I needed some time to complete my intern report and submit it. It took 2 weeks to submit my report. After the submission, I asked myself what to do next. More I asked, more I got confused.

I was offered a job where I did my intern. But I refused the for several reason. I will share the reasons in another blog. But one of the reasons was to join in a Chartered Accountant firm as I wanted to be an CA. I submitted my CV to some CA firms earlier. So I was waiting for their call.  Then I found one of my friend got admitted in CMA. Although I knew about it but I never considered it as an option. I did research on CA & CMA. Then I found that syllabus of both professional degrees are almost same and somewhat similar to my courses in my bachelor.  So at the end of December, I too got admitted in CMA.

While doing research on those degrees, I found that both degree contains a course on Taxation. In my bachelor I was also offered the course. However I didn’t took it. So I decided to do the course in order to understand the basics of taxation hoping that it will come in handy in future. Then I extended one more semester of my bachelor just for this taxation course. There was another reason and that was to push my CGPA little higher so that I can touch 3.50 in scale of 4.00.

After my class started at North South University, I discovered two more plus point for extending one semester. First, I got the opportunity to use the big library of my university to study CMA materials. Second, I could promote SPSS Assistant to other fellow students who are doing intern in this semester or will do in next. SPSS Assistant is a join initiative of my friend Reaz Haq and mine. Through SPSS Assistant we offer professional help in SPSS Analysis and interpretation of intern report, marketing research or any other kind of statistical research.

I got too confused after my intern. But I overcome all the confusions and took a strong decision. No matter how confused we are or how troubled we are,  We will overcome everything with time. And as long as we are alive, our life will go on…..



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Ever since I started working as intern my lifestyle changed a lot. My life has become similar to the working people. Every morning I wake up with a rush. The rush is to prepare myself for the departure and to reach the office vehicle just in time. And by 9 am I have to reach to the office. I must say I enjoy the journey with my co-workers.

I have to from 9 in the morning to till 5:30 in the evening. In the mean time I get two tea break and launch break which totals for about 1 hour. I go to the canteen to have tea and the launch and canteen is the only place from where I can see sunlight. That means I can’t see the sun light other than this 1 hour. But I can’t enjoy the sun light and the outside view as I have to hurry to finish my launch or tea and make room for other employees.

Today I’m staying at home as it’s a national holiday. I was sitting at my veranda and realized that I have been busy for weeks and I didn’t see a noon in a week. Only parts of a day I can see are the morning and the evening.  It is like vampires who avoids daylight and come out when it’s night. Well I don’t want to avoid daylight but I am so stuck with my office that I don’t get the chance to get out and enjoy the daylight.

Today I enjoyed a quiet and sunny noon. Though it was warm, it seemed magnificent. I wonder whether I will get the change to enjoy daylight when I will work in my real job.

It’s been almost one month since I’ve joined as Intern at Eskayef Bangladesh Limited. Experience of this one month is pretty awesome. And my lifestyle has changed a lot in this one month.

I can recall the experience of first day at office. I was both nervous and excited. After being introduced to everyone, I wondered around the office. I knew no one and I had nothing to do. I couldn’t access the PC which Eskayef provided me. I roamed desk to desk to see what people are doing and how they are doing. When I felt tired I used to go back to my desk. I had lots of free time which eventually made me bored. But I liked the office environment and the people of the office.

First week of my internship was little boring. I didn’t have anything to do. It was like I’m going to office to sit around. I was very happy when someone gave me to reconcile something in Microsoft excel. I had no idea what I was doing. I was just following the instructions. Later I thought that no one will come and inform me about the organization. I have to go to everyone and ask questions. Then I started to go to different person’s desk and ask them about their job and different process of their job. This helped me to get to know employees.

I actually started working is second week. Though those woks are pretty lame but I enjoyed it because it was better than sitting around. Of course those lame jobs had some importance. What I used to do is checking the inventory amount of inventory account with the inventory report of the storeroom. This helped me to know the names of product of the Eskayef. Believe me it’s a real pain to working without knowing the names.

In third week my area of work expanded a bit. Eskayef uses a ERP software name ACCPAC. I saw people working in it and I wanted to use the software too. But I didn’t have any ID which was required for logging in the ERP. In the third week I did VAT reconciliation with another person. He taught me how to reconcile and how to input data in the ERP software. He let me borrow his ID and work in the software. Experience of working in ERP software was really interesting.

Till the third week I had enough free time. But in the fourth and the last week of the month I hardly had free time. In this week, my working area expanded a lot. Without the two break and launch break I hardly had time for myself and talk to others. Earlier I had to one single job at a time. But In this week I received two or more jobs at a time. Fortunately I managed to do everything is just in time. J

I had variety of experience in this one month period. Even though my work area is increasing and it’s becoming very hard, I really liked working in Eskayef. It’s not just I’m getting different facilities. It’s because the office environment is very good and the people are very friendly and helpful. I learned lots of new things while working as intern. I learned about the behaviors of people in different situations.

I don’t know about the experience of my friends who are working as intern in different institutions. I’m not going to compare my experience with them. But I am sure I have better experience than that of my most of the friends.

Today was the second day of summer 2011 semester. Now I’m done with first classes of my 5 courses (though 2 of the classes were cancelled). I’m not sorry for those cancelled classes. Because I’m already happy as the semester have started.

This semester is the last semester before I go for intern. As far as I know students don’t have to study much as intern is more of practical learning. Of course students needs to write an intern report but I guess it is not that hard. So that means after I finish this semester, I’ll be free from all exams, quizzes, projects & assignments. Ultimately I’ll be free from significant part of study requirement. In other words, I don’t have to study after the semester.

This semester will end of my last 4 year’s pain. This semester will end the stress, pressure in NSU. This semester will take me to the end of the 4 year journey with NSU.  So the beginning of the semester means beginning of the end…:D I waited last 10 semesters for this moments and at last it came. I’m filled with thrill, happiness & excitement.. 😀

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