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Few days back I was browsing internet and reading news in Bangladeshi online news site Suddenly an interesting news drew my attention. I saw a headline ‘I want to teach reporting’ with a picture of our Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhith. I was surprised with the headline. In our field of auditing, preparing financial statements are knows as reporting. This is what popped up in my head when I read the headline. I thought for some reason he is not satisfied with the common practice of financial reporting in Bangladesh and now he wants to change the practice.

I quickly opened the news page. And then I found out Mr. Muhit meant ‘journalism’ by the term reporting. Yet again I thought he loves journalism and wants to be a teacher of journalism after his retirement. But as I finished reading the news, I understood that he was sarcastic to the journalists.

The news reports, Mr. Muhit is upset about the matter that local media are putting much emphasize on the news of foreign news papers. He mentions that local reporters do not believe the words of government when govt. describes about the achievements and developments. However, when a foreign media says the same thing, journalists puts value on that news. And that’s why he wants to teach reporting to the journalists.

I support what Mr. Muhit said. Our journalists don’t believe news from govt. but they believe the same news published in foreign media. I know the reason why journalist do not believe the words of our government or the persons running this country. You see, people who are running this country often make unnecessary words and  claims to do some impossible works. For example, one of our minister said “Construction of Padma bridge will be finished before maturity of current government”. Where the reality is there is no change of starting the construction process in the remaining period of this govt. I can come up with thousands of example but I think I should not disrepute our government. As I mentioned earlier, our ministers or the people running this country speaks unbelievable words. Most people do not believe their words at all. Same goes for the journalists. They do not believe the words of govt. So when govt. speaks of development, journalists ignore their words.

I request Mr. Muhit not to teach the journalists who to report. They know how to do it and does it very well. I will request Mr. Muhit to teach his fellow politicians how to speak. When you guys will be able to speak believable words, journalists will listen to you and put value to your words.



It has been 41 years since Bangladesh has won its Victory came after many sacrifices has been made. It sure will be regarded as the worst time in the history of Bangladesh. But yet it brought the best moment for Bangladesh and that is the victory of the Bangladesh.

Victory is different to different people. Those who have fought for the country has strong feelings for the country. Those who lost something or someone in the freedom fight, victory is something to them. And those who got the Independent country as gift, most of them have weak feelings about victory. But yet we all love this country and celebrate victory of this lovely land.

Although it has been 41 years since Bangladesh have achieved independence. Bangladesh have achieved many significant achievements. These achievements have bought reputation for this country. However, the main reasons and dreams people fought for is still  is not achieved. But hopefully we will get a good leader who will lead this country to the dream freedom fighters fought for. I am a dreamer who is waiting for that days. In the mean time I am wishing my victory day wish to all of you. I am dedicating a song named “Bangladesh” by a top Bangladeshi Singer James.



Political environment of Bangladesh have never been stable. Violence is part and parcel of politics in Bangladesh. Power show off has always been the key competition element for all political parties instead of welfare of the people they represent. For example, when Bangladeshi Nationalist Party (BNP) formed a 4 party alliance, immediately Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) formed an 14 party alliance. They overlooked with whom they are forming alliance because they just wanted to increase the number of parties in their alliance. And till date both BNP & BAL maintaining their alliances. And now competition of power has shifted to two alliances from two parties.

Few days back two alliances had another showdown of power causing problems to whole nation especially to the citizen of capital city Dhaka. On March 12, 2012 BNP and its alliance called for an assembly at Polton, Dhaka. They announced date long before the event so that the supporters and local leaders from all over the country can join in the assembly. BNP and its alliance tried their best to gathers their supporters and show off their power & support to their claim. They might be successful if BAL and its alliance didn’t interfere. As BAL & its alliance is in power, it is very easy to interfere in any gathering as they have the armed forces under their command along with their own supporters. Although govt. said they didn’t interfere but they actually did interfered the 4 party alliance’s assembly and paralyzed the capital. Govt. cut off all long distance communications including highway, waterway & railways. As far I know only airways was active. Not only that, political supporters of 14 party alliance was on patrol along with police and other armed forces so that no political supporters of 4 party alliance can enter in the city. This action caused tremendous suffering to common people as they cannot commute to their destination.Even after these obstacles,  BNP & its alliances seems to had a successful assembly (some source says they hired audience 😛 )

Just 2 days after, on March 14, 2012, BAL & its alliances called another assembly. However, this time BAL & its alliances brought supporters from all over the country (as I hard they hired audience too :-S ).

From this scenario, my analysis is that ruling alliance is afraid of 4 party alliance. Because of that they tried to interrupt as much as possible so that they can’t show their power.  Furthermore they held the assembly right after 2 days so that they can show their power. Even after 40 years of liberation,we still didn’t get stable political practice. Our politics is still full of violence. Violence now expanded to National parliament. As long as there will be violence in politics, we have to lead our life in political turmoil.

Two in the fog

Winter mist

It’s 1:30 at night. Current temperature of Dhaka is 12° Celsius (53° Fahrenheit). My hands are cold, my feet have almost frozen. I can see  dew drops on my window as I look through.  Even though I’m wearing warm cloths , I’m still shivering in cold as I’m writing this blog.

Once I was asked to write about winter in one of my junior school exam. I wrote winter is the best season after spring. Then I explained why I thought winter was the second best season. I wrote winter is the time for cakes. Winter is the time when you have date juice. You can see dew drops on grass only at winter morning. I also wrote that winter is the season when poor people suffer most. Though I wrote in winter poor people suffer most, I didn’t have slightest idea about their suffering. I’m not saying that now I know about their sufferings. But now have at least better idea and understanding than earlier.

I’m wearing warm clothes and living in a building. And yet I’m shivering in cold. I can’t even imagine how poor people are suffering in street without warm cloths. I read at news paper that some people have died due to this cold weather. As a human being, it’s our duty to help those poor people. We can give our old and unused warm clothes to those people who doesn’t have any worm cloths. If you don’t have old or warm cloths, you can give him some money so that they can buy a warm cloth.

This month, lowest temperature at Dhaka  was 8.4° Celsius [Source: Daily Sun, Issue: Jan 12, 2011]. I heard from the weather update that there will be another cold wave at the end of this month. If the temperature keeps falling, rate of death due to cold weather will keep raising. Help as much poor people as you can. And don’t forget to take care about yourself.


Bangladesh national cricket team

Official Logo of Bangladesh Cricket Board.

Today  Bangladesh cricket team & its captain Shakib Al Hasan were all over the newspapers. I didn’t find any newspaper without report on Bangladesh cricket team. Everyone is praising the team and captain Shakib. Why won’t they? For the first time Bangladesh won a series against a full strength test playing country. They just won the 5 ODI series against New Zealand.

From the last Series against New Zealand, I like to see them as the the opponent of Bangladesh team in cricket. So I was really looking forward for this series. Before the series stared I was sure that Bangladesh team will win at least one ODI. But I never thought they will win the series.  They really surpassed my expectation.

My Family knows I’m a great fan of Bangladesh cricket team. So every time  I say something about BD team, they try to make fun out of it and make me angry. After Bangladesh won the first ODI, I was too excited. I told my father about the win. My father said “Don’t get too excited. Your team is going to loose next match.” When the 2nd match got abandoned,  I was little bit upset. Again my father told me ” your team got lucky. if the match didn’t get abandoned, BD team would loose.” So I told him that Bangladesh will win in the next match even though I wasn’t sure about it. My father replied “BD team was just lucky in the first match. They won’t be lucky in next match.” So when Bangladesh won the 2nd match, I sent a text to my father saying “In your face dad. Bangladesh won the match by 7 wickets & 10 overs.” That night, my father told me “Ok, Bangladesh is playing well. but they will loose the next two matches. They can’t continue the performance.” I replied “They don’t have to win. They have already did it. Now they are not loosing the series. I don’t expect more.”

Even though I said “I don’t expect more”, During the 5th ODI, I was  sitting like statue in front of TV whole  time. I was terrified with the beginning of Bangladesh innings. But Sakib pulled out the team from danger. After the Bangladesh innings, I told my mom “Bangladesh have scored 241. I think they are going to win the match & the series.” I was surprised when mom replied “huh! New Zealand is a weak team. there is nothing to be excited about.” I asked her “how can you tell that NZ is a weak team?” Again she replied ” if NZ wasn’t a weak team, how come Bangladesh won last 2 matches. Bangladesh can’t win against strong teams.” Then I said ” may be it’s time to think that Bangladesh is becoming a strong team. They will win the match & the series”. Yes, they did.

Yes! I know Bangladesh cricket history is not that bright. But we are developing. I saw the change in the mentality of the players. They are now more dedicated and professional. They are giving their best efforts in every matches. Now our players are becoming world class players. Our players are getting international recognition.  At present Shakib is the No. 1 all-rounder in Cricket. Tamim Iqbal has been named as “Test Player of the Year” award by Wisden Cricketer Magazine. Last year, Shakib won this award.

If we want to keep this performance consistent, we have to nurture our players carefully. Or else their merit won’t be recognized anymore. It would be like what happened to Ashraful.  We had Ashraful was considered to be the next little master. But he wasn’t able to keep going.

If we can utilize our players merit, our country sure will become a cricket giant. One day will come when Bangladesh will rule the cricket world.  May be that day is not near, you can’t see it. But listen carefully, you will hear tiger’s roar. Watch out cricket world, Tigers are coming……


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