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There are many students who are willing to study CA but don’t know any information about it. Many approached me for enrollment information in CA. So I thought it would be better if I put here for everyone.


CA is a professional degree in financial accounting. Here you have to understand the difference between academic and professional degree. Those who complete CA receives ACA degree initially and with time and following requirement, they become FCA. In Bangladesh, ACA degree is offered by Institution of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). There is two parts of CA study which have to be done simultaneously. First part is theoretical part and second part is practical part. In theoretical part, a student have to appear on exams on several papers depending on which level he is in. Under the current syllabus, there are 3 level containing total of 18 subjects. On other part, the practical part, a student have to undergo 2 to 4 years of practice as article student. Years of articleship depends on the academic level completed earlier. ICAB website is referred for details in this context.

Entry Requirement:

Entry requirement in CA is determined by ICAB is published in ICAB website. You can see the requirement in details in the this link (ENTRY REQUIREMENT). Students completing HSC or A level can also enroll in CA.

Starting CA:

A student have to start with practical part. For that, he/she has to join in a CA firm and get registered with ICAB. Registration can be availed after probation period of the firm he/she has joined. Articleship starts from the date of registration. At the time of registration, a student have to enter in a tri-party contract. Three parties are student his/herself, the firm and ICAB.

Study and Exams:

A student can appear on exams of theoretical part after completing 10 months of articleship period. Exams are held two time a year during June and December. A student can sit for exams sessions after completing 10 months of  articleship. There are total 3 level in theoretical part. Knowledge level, Application level and advance level. Knowledge and Application level consist of 7 subject each where advance level has only  4 subjects. A student starts in knowledge level and after passing all 7 subjects of knowledge level they move to application level. It is to be noted that student can’t attend exams from two level in one session. At present student have 10 attempts to complete both knowledge level and  application level. For advance level students will get 6 attempts. Each session of exam is counted as an attempt whether a student appears in the exam or not. If levels are not completed within the mentioned number of attempts, all passes in that level will be nullified and student have to start over from the same level. Students don’t have to pass all 7 or 4 subjects at a time rather they can pass paper by paper.


there are no cost when student joins in a CA firm. However, student have to pay taka 30,000 at the time of registration in ICAB. there are no annual subscription fees. Student have to pay exam fee during each session in following manners taka 1300 per subject in knowledge level, taka 3000 per subject in application level and taka 5000 per subject except case study subject in advance level. Exam fee for case study is taka 10,000. Students have to pay for a one time coaching class in each level. Coaching class fee is added with registration fee for.knowledge level. However coaching class fee for application level is taka 15,000 and taka 15,000 for advance level except case study, taka 25,000 for advance stage case study.
In CA, not only students pays but students also get paid. CA firms pays there students allowances per month depending on their firm policy. however this amount can’t be less the amount determined by ICAB. At present ICAB have fixed allowance as tk 3,000 per month for first year student. tk 3,500 per month for second year student, tk 4,000 per month for third year student and tk 4,500 per month for fourth year students.

Achieving Degree:

When a student successfully completes articleship, he achieves CA(CC) title.  CA(CC) means CA course complete. It is earned even if no subject is passed in theoretical part. A student have to complete both practical part and theoretical part in order to pass CA course and achieve ACA degree. ACA means Associate Chartered Accountants and is a person who have successfully passed CA course. When a person become an ACA, he/she may apply for membership in ICAB.

I believe these are the basic information prospective students needs to know of they are interested in studying CA in Bangladesh. If any more information is required, you can leave comment or contact with ICAB for more details.




  1. Sir, I am confused about attempts that are needed to pass the exams in Knowledge and Application Level. In the article it is written that students get 10 attempts to pass both Knowledge Level and Application Level. Say I have passed Knowledge Level in 3 attempts. Now do I have only 7 attempts left for passing Application Level? Say I couldn’t pass Application level with those 7 attempts then do I need to pass Knowledge Level again, because I couldn’t pass both levels at 10 attempts?

    • How much total cost for completing 3 level?

    • where we contact for admisson in C A course.

  2. I’m confused about cost. Exam fee for case study is taka 10,000 and subject wise 1300. so which amount i have to pay? and coaching class fee for application level is taka 15,000 and taka 15,000 for advance level except case study, taka 25,000 for advance stage case study. coaching class is essential for me?

    • The firm in Chittagong, they frequently are refusing the students to take admission in these firms because they require graduation though In the procedure of CA, it is mentioned that after passing HSC, student can join.
      So, How I can take admission in such situation??

    • Sir
      I passed hsc point 4.42& SSC point 4.89… can i apply for CA?????

    • md. Shaheenur Rahman
    • Posted June 13, 2017 at 10:14 pm
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    • Reply

    Dear via,
    At first take my Salam. I give you thanks a lot for this blog. I think , a student collect more information to determine studying CA. Anyway, I have a question that is mentioned below …
    1) how can I prepare a CV for submission a firm?
    2) when publish circular of CA for admission?

  3. a complete ca per month salary

  4. How can I apply for CA in Bangladesh?

  5. Thanks

  6. i want to know what qualificatons needed a student in SSC , HSC, and BBA??????

  7. sir.i am read in science group.background science.i love CA ..please give me a solutation how to learn CA in science……

  8. sir,thanks for the information..I have heard about CA scholarship under ICAB.. can I apply for scholarship this year..I hv just completed my graduation currently under national university..

  9. What is the total subjects and approximate cost?

  10. when publish ca admission form in icab firm

  11. Sir i have passed Ba hons and ssc 3.81 science 2009 and Hsc 4.30 Human and BA Hons CGPA -2.98 history. Can i do CA.please infrom.ali

  12. Can I apply for CA
    My ssc 4.89,hsc 4.42

  13. Is there any necessary for acquiring MBA to complete CA???
    Is there any effect of MBA to get better job after completing CA?

    • sourav chowdhury.
    • Posted October 13, 2017 at 2:46 pm
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    there is any admission test?totaly how many cost we have to pay in three years?

  14. which college is best for CA in Bangladesh??… & when the deadline of apply?

  15. ami HSC ae por C. A. KOrty chai.
    CA korte koto point projon hoi(SSC+HSC)

  16. sir I have completed B.A Honor’s in English.I want to study CA.tell me details how to possible.

  17. I am very happy for information

    • Md.Shahriya Hussain
    • Posted January 19, 2018 at 11:54 pm
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    When I will admit a CA firm.And how many total cost after hon’s level

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