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I have audited a client for last 3 months. It was far from my house. So I had to wake up and start early in the morning. And then fight to get in the bus. I had to be in client’s office by 9am. I had to follow this routing 6 days in a week. I was getting tired day by day. But I knew a week-long vacation is coming. So I kept my patience.

Finally long waited vacation came. Already two days of vacation have passed. I was so busy in enjoying the vacation that I forgot to write about it. The most awesome part of the vacation is I don’t have to wake up early in the morning. I cal sleep as long as I want. Last couple of days I wake up after 11 am. It is pretty late than my usual time.

Though vacation have started, I cannot enjoy it properly. My level 1 exam in ICMAB is knocking at the door. I couldn’t study for the exam earlier. So I’m focusing on last moment’s preparation. I had plan to attend all four exams of level 1. But due to lack of preparation, I am thinking of attending only two exams; Intermediate Financial Accounting and Information Technology.

Vacation will come to en end in just 5 days. So I will try my best to utilize the vacation by preparing for the exam and giving rest to myself. And after the exam, busy schedule will resume. 😦


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