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One of the things I hate is regretting over something. My whole life I tried to make sure that I  don’t  regret for something. And that is why I always take my time to consider the available options and take final decision. Once I take my decision,  I try my best to achieve the goal. Also I try to have an contingency plan just in case my decision goes wrong. If both my original plan and contingency plan doesn’t work out, I call it luck and leave it there. I don’t know whether leaving or giving up is a good idea but I think that’s what I need to do. Also I don’t regret if luck doesn’t favors me.

Before I took the decision to study CA, I gave it much thought. I thought about from different angle. I analyzed the pros & cons of studying CA. After considering all factors I decided to go for  CA. But what I thought would be is not the case. Scenario is much different from what I assumed. Sometimes I get suggestion to change my firm and something to quit studying  CA.

Life of an auditor is not easy. An auditor has to go different places even in different cities for audit purpose. There little opportunity to study for a long time.  To be CA is really harder than what I thought it would be. But that’s not the reason to quit. I must nor regret because I choose this path myself. Though the scenario is much different from my thought, I still think I can do it. i will try my best and keep on going. So that I don’t regret in future. May Allah help me to achieve my goal . Amin!


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