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I always like rain! From the childhood I’m in love with rain. Whenever I had chance I use to get wet in rain. But when I moved to Dhaka, i had very limited time to get wet in rain water. Yesterday I had got another chance after long time. Though it was totally unwanted.

Last evening i was having fun with my friends. Suddenly I noticed lighting in the sky. I understood that Kal Boishakhi storm ( storm that’s comes during Bangla month Boishakh). So I hurried to my home. But i couldn’t go much far when the rain started.  I was in rickshaw but still I got wet. though I was loving the rain but suddenly I remembered I had my mobile phones and Debit card. It will be a problem it those get wet.  Then I thought it would be better if i wait in a shop till the rain stops. Forgot to mention that Abid & Yamin was with me. All three went to a shop for waiting. From the shop we was watching wonderful dancing of Rain & wind. I was liking the show but wind was too strong and with our wet cloths we were feeling too much cold. After few minute, rain showed stopping tendency.  So felt I should go home. So I hired a rickshaw and said goodbye to my friends. And after few minutes I was in home. I felt excitement because I got wet in rain after long time.


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