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well well, looks like it’s time for a little update. i didn’t share my updates here in last few days. that is because I was little bit depressed .  I am not going to tell why but all I can say that I lost interest on everything.  I want to skip this part and say something about major events of last few days.

most important news that I can share is that I appeared for written test for GrameenPhone’s CM post. That was my first time approach to corporate world. I was little bit confused about the exam. At first I didn’t want to attend the test but later I thought it would be a great experience for me. so I went for the test. exam was pretty much easy but still i don’t expect to get the job.  there are so many person to compete and I know I can’t beat them all.

Another news is that I met with one of my cousin almost after 10 years. I almost forgot his face. 10 years back I was a great fan of this cousin. Than he became a doctor and left the country. Since than I couldn’t keep in touch with him. So after 10 years when he returned to Bangladesh and came to see my family, I was really happy to see him. And tomorrow we are having a family get together where all of my cousins will be coming. I’m really excited about it.

And last thing is that I’m creating a toolbar for my blogs. It will be easier for anyone who is  interested to subscribe my blogs. I’m trying to add some more features in the toolbar.


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