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I’m free. I’m free at last.  At last all stress is over. all pain got reduced. Painful semester is almost over. Starting from the last week of January I was working hard. I took 2 major course and 2 core courses. Bank Management (FIN464), Consumer Behavior (MKT344), Entrepreneurship (MGT368), Applied Statistics (BUS173). Whole semester i was busy with quizzes, assignments, mids, projects, lab practice & lab assignments. Submitted 4 project paper this semester, 3 was group project and one was individual project. Though 3 was groups consisted around 7 members i got only 2/3 members who really wanted to work.  I worked hard with these group members and finalized our projects.  Also i had 2 finals  ahead of scheduled date and ironically both was in same date and back to back. Luckily, both of the exam was well.

Now two more final remains. 22nd and 23rd of April.  Than I’ll be done with this semester. before the exams i got plenty of free time to study. no more quiz, no more assignments…only rest and study.  Oh i forgot to mention that I already got the grade of Bank Management. I got B in that. though I expected B+ in it. Hoping to get an A in Applied Statistics, B+ in consumer behavior, B+ in Entrepreneurship so that my CGPA will go up. And it is very much needed for me.


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